Solstice Scrambles 2017

Saturday, December 16, 2017 at Otter Brook State Park in Keene, New Hampshire
Disc golf teams tournament

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66 players are registered.

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GEN   General 66 registrants / 60 spots

"we gonna get 18 this time"Alan
Bikers and HikersEric Clark
Evil Twin
Jillian Woods
Cowboys R Back Able Virgile
Cam Rose
Casey White
D.B.A.P.Fred Lusky
Kramer blackberg
Wade Pepin
Don't Assume My DivisionAdam Baney
Ben Winchel
Matt Stolarz
Billy DeMarino
Noah Proctor
Dude where's my disc Chris Buckle
Frank Wurk
Tyler Bowden88247
Fun PoliceJim Bailey63390
Ryan Metivier68657
Tucker Davis63391
I wish we signed up for recJohn bilsky100524
Ryan Wittenberg91241
Trevor Howe95883
Irish timberBrendan Kelleher
Christopher Hinz
Sean Ellison
Losing in the Playoff Again Bryan Lake
Kevin Lydon
My Disc Golf partner still does not know this is a date Ben Allard
Mikey Stewart
Stephen Kuzon
Stilts Fallon Enman91441
Kaye Harper93739
Kelly Jenkins63232
Team TAINTEric Melendy
Eric Rondeau
Fred Vecchione
The Putt PiratesDan Edwards
Paul Hubner III93110
Shane Allen Bilodeau77200
The Return of the BuglersBrent Anderson
Eric Anderson
Sean Anderson
The United people glorious disc golf team Alyssa Kerr
Christian Greaves
Jeremy Kirk
Three Blind BastardsJames Sicard63816
Troy Dietrich46513
Triple Penetration Corey "Bogenpar" Johnson
Derek "Do It" Dussault95277
Rob " Hubbard Emerson" Breckenridge74528
Two Pars And A Birdie Nicki The Spin Powers
Tim The Orbital Ax Baronoski84976
Tyler Twistedtight Baronoski
Ultimate Disc-Grace Andrew Madison
Katie Kinsella
Mike Giacomo
Walter, Donny, and The Dude Liam Walsh
Spencer Sutherland101763
Timothy Moore
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