Sedgley Easter presented by B.S. Upshot

PDGA logoSunday, April 9, 2023 at Sedgley Woods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Open registration is 3/9 7pm This event is two rounds of 18 holes, shotgun start. Early entry is capped at ... more
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Brian Bochantin    April 9 at 2:58pm

Round 2 start at 11:46


Brian Bochantin    April 8 at 10:35am

Amateur players pack will be a $8 to $10 item that will be set up to choose from when you sign in (Wooden Mini, Macro Mini, Standard Towel, Disc, Beef Jerky, License Plate Frame, etc)


Corey Neel    April 7 at 5:40pm

Will the 9 holes that aren't being used each round be available for casual play?

Brian Bochantin   April 7 at 6:48pm


Matthew Yackanicz    April 7 at 5:09am

Accidently registered twice signing someone else in am I able to get a refund on one of my entries?

Brian Bochantin   April 7 at 10:27am


Matt C    April 6 at 8:39pm

Would be great if me and Marissa Castro could be on same card for first round. Thanks

Brian Bochantin   April 7 at 2:00am

No promises but possible.

Brian Bochantin    April 2 at 1:39pm

Round 1 everyone will be playing holes 1 – 18
Pool A will play 1 – 9 Blue tees & 10 – 18 Red tees
Pool B will play all Blue tees

Round 2 everyone will be playing holes 10 – 27
Pool A will play 10 – 18 Yellow tees & 19 – 27 Blue tees
Pool B will play all Blue tees

Johnny Tang   April 3 at 5:39pm

Thank you for posting the layout!

Trevor Heins   April 4 at 3:00am

Any idea for which baskets will be played for 5, 12, 20, 21, 22, 23?

Brian Bochantin   April 4 at 10:31am

5 High/Raised, 12 short, 20 OG straight, 21 long, 22 short, 23 short

Audrey Bochantin    March 23 at 9:34pm

For all our tournaments we tend to use the same layouts as last time; to a degree. Changes may occur in areas outside of our control. (Ex. Flooded area, down tree…) In all cases it is our goal to present the layout in a timely manner. We understand that timely for us may not be timely for you, and with that we thank you for your understanding.


Josh R    March 10 at 9:34am

Looking forward to this! What layout are you planning?