Sapwi Trails Disc Golf Course Championship Presented by Legacy Discs - Amateur Men

PDGA logoSaturday, September 24, 2022 at Sapwi Trails Community Park in Thousand Oaks, California
Amateur-only C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

-This is a SoCal Series event. -You’ll play just one round. -Registration opens to Tournament sponsor ... more
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Diego Perez    September 23 at 5:11pm

By any chance can I still register for this event?for MA1

Mike Byrne   September 23 at 6:55pm

Close but all full again

Luke dumlao    September 22 at 6:25pm

When will tee times be posted?

Mike Byrne   September 22 at 6:46pm

Tee time is 10 AM sharp.

Luke dumlao   September 23 at 3:24am

Awesome thank you

James Esparza Jr    September 21 at 2:11am

Hi Mike. I contracted covid as well unfortunately, and need to withdraw. A refund would be appreciated if my spot can be filled on such short notice.

Thank you.

Mike Byrne   September 21 at 2:21am

Dang! So sorry! Get better!!!

Chris Faber   September 21 at 2:35am

I have someone who will take the space if they can play novice

Mike Byrne    September 20 at 9:31pm

I’ve an opening and who knows if any more pop up last minute.
Emailing people that are hoping to get in is a slow process, so if you still are hoping to get in, text or message me and I’ll match you up against the list.

Peter A. Saltamachio   September 20 at 10:17pm

I'll play for sure if there's an opening

Peter A. Saltamachio   September 24 at 1:09pm

Good morning Mike, I'm heading up to the course and I'll try to be there a bit early to see if I can play. See you soon!

Richard Orta    September 20 at 5:45pm

I recently contracted covid and need to drop out. Is it too late to receive a refund?

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Mike Byrne   September 20 at 7:33pm

So sorry Richard! I hope you’re back to 100% soon!

Mike Byrne   September 20 at 7:34pm

And yes, I’ll send you a refund

Richard Orta   September 20 at 8:06pm

Thank you for the well wishes and for taking care of the rest for me.

Peter A. Saltamachio    September 16 at 6:55pm

Hello Mike, I'm on the waitlist for MA1. I'm willing to play MA2 as well, I could also do MA3 if it helps me to be able to play in the event. I know I'm not currently in yet, I'm wondering if it would be a good idea to show up at the course on the 24th anyway? I have a long drive to get there( about 3 hours), but it'll be worth it if I get to play.

Mike Byrne   September 20 at 1:35pm

Hey Peter, I hope that anyone unable to play would let me know ahead of time and there’s still several ahead of you on my list. As the tournament approaches many will have made plans so those willing to play at the last minute have the best chance. IDK about making the 3 hour drive just hoping ... more

Bryant Likes    August 22 at 5:02pm

Hello Mike, would it be possible for me to switch to MA50 and my son Alex (212402) to switch to MA1? Thanks!

Mike Byrne   August 23 at 8:47pm

No problem. Done.

Peter A. Saltamachio    August 22 at 4:25am

Howdy Mike, I just wanted to check with you regarding the MA1 waitlist. Do I have a realistic chance at getting to play? Peter Saltamachio, #189846. Thanks!

Mike Byrne   August 22 at 2:29pm

Not really. Many are hoping to get in.

Marcus Hoskins    August 20 at 11:48pm

Is there still a chance to join the waitlist?

Mike Byrne   August 22 at 2:28pm

There’s not much chance of getting in at this point.

Jason Ehizokhale    August 18 at 4:19am

Could you please add me to the MA4 waitlist? Thanks!!

Mike Byrne   August 18 at 5:10am

I will but there are many already hoping to get in.

Alexander Steiner    August 9 at 1:59am

Hi Mike. Can I switch from MA3 to MA4? I’m already in MA3 but don’t know if there is a waitlist for MA4 or if I can switch. Definitely want to play but prefer MA4 after my humbling performance at Flats. #182040.

Mike Byrne   August 9 at 2:09am


Royce Friedmann    August 5 at 3:50pm

Hey Mike, Hoping to play MA1 is worth me joining the waitlist at this point seems like a long line? Royce Friedmann #194521

Mike Byrne   August 5 at 4:55pm

It’s a long shot to play Saturday, but noted…

Travis kenney    July 29 at 3:57pm

Hi mike I can’t make it Saturday, could you change me from the Saturday event date to Sunday please. I’ll play open just so I can play.

Mike Byrne   July 29 at 6:12pm

I’ve issues a refund. Now just register for Sunday.

bryan hesterman    July 29 at 1:45am

Hello Mike, my brother and I are playing Sunday in MP40 and hoping to add my two sons to the MA4 waitlist. Thomas Hesterman 92507 and Ayton Hesterman 92508. Thank you very much!

Mike Byrne   July 29 at 6:13pm


bryan hesterman   September 16 at 7:14pm

Hey Mike, any update on where Thomas and Ayton are at on the MA4 wait list?

Peter A. Saltamachio    July 24 at 10:38pm

Hi, may I get added to the MA1 waitlist please?
Peter Saltamachio, #189846

Mike Byrne   July 27 at 6:13pm


Grant Hirsch    July 24 at 4:58pm

Good morning
Can I get added to waitlist
Grant HIRSCH Ma1

Mike Byrne   July 27 at 6:12pm


Sam Vinstein    July 24 at 4:17am

Hey Mike, can I get on the waitlist for MA2/3 if possible. Thanks.

Mike Byrne   July 24 at 1:49pm

Gotcha on the list

Jay Plemons    July 23 at 7:55am

How deep is the waitlist going? Can I get added to MA3?

Mike Byrne   July 23 at 12:47pm

Getting up there. I’ll keep you posted

Paul Hanson    July 23 at 2:49am

Would like to join waitlist for MA2 if possible - thanks :)

Mike Byrne   July 23 at 12:46pm

Ok. What’s your last name?

Paul Hanson   July 23 at 6:45pm


Chad C    July 22 at 4:43pm

Following up email with post here. Hoping to get waitlisted for either MA1 or MA40. Thanks.

Mike Byrne   July 22 at 9:53pm