Relay For Life - Disc Golf Tournament

Saturday, May 11, 2013 at Holly Woods in Holly, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


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About this tournament

The is a charity event to raise money for Relay for Life. There is a $10 registration fee and 6 different divisions: Pro (Open), Advanced, Intermediate, Recreational, Novice and General. The winner of each division will receive half of the funds raised in THAT division and the other half will be donated to Relay for Life team Fishing for a Cure. There is also going to be an Ace pool for an additional $2. The person to get an ace will also receive half of the funds from the pool the other half will again go to Relay for Life. For those who do not know what Relay for Life is, it is part of the American Cancer Society and its purpose is to raise awareness of the various kinds of cancer. My reason for being a team member in Relay for Life is because of the loss I have due to cancer. I have lost family due to cancer and I lost my Father in law, whom I was very close to to cancer. I wish to fight to give those who have beat cancer, another birthday. Thank you for your time, and PLEASE remember this is a charity event. I am not necessarily looking for just tournament players ALL are welcome. If you have never played you are welcome too. I will have a few discs that people may use if they do not have thier own.