Prodigy Disc and True North Disc Golf presents Alberta Provincial Doubles

Saturday, September 30, 2017 at Tamara Ranch in Red Deer, Alberta
Disc golf doubles tournament

Registered players

90 players are registered out of 90 possible spots.
0 spots are available.

General entry   26 registered

MDO   Mixed Doubles 18 registrants / 20 spots

Ace FreelyJames Morton62927
Rebecca Johnson89912
Double TroubleKirstin Oneill
Michael Gould84893
Guns and ArrowsAmber Small
Ty Bailey
Never Had A ChanceBen Cummings53729
Carmyn Scott
Not the LEASK bit worriedBrenda Page97063
Dave Page95312
Oh, for Pete's SakeAndrea Leask86231
Peter Leask79852
Pay the PriceAubrey Price94618
John Price77960
Strokes Of LuckKiara Simoneau
Nic Carney
Team Gr-ateGreg Hearn88817
Kate Hearn97502

MAA   Novice - All 8 registrants / 10 spots

Bastards of y.e.gBrian macpherson97057
Cam wells
Hyzer's HeroesDan Micek
John Umlah
Rim BangersIan Moxley96461
Wade Ouellet89435
Stark Raven MadJason Morrish96434
Kelly Tubbs

Pro divisions   30 registered

MPO   Open 18 registrants / 22 spots

Big BirdieCasey Hanemayer67314
Matt Riordan59183
One Time World Champs Need Not ApplyMark Dakiv12505
Robert J McLeod49897
Rancho Cucamunga symphony orchestraBogdan szafranowicz43376
Troy rayner50662
The Deuce BagsJason Brown
Rob Sharpe53667
The Shot Shank RedemptionsBen Gardner58465
Elijah Isaac21256
Kris perrera
Unidentified flying acesCraig Thibodeau60450
Dave miron66166
Who Needs BCEric Vachon
Mark Dron
Who wants to join us in the bottom groupAl Cohen
Scott Beuker66278

MPM   Master 12 registrants / 14 spots

Blind Squirrels Hashing Things OutBeven Payne24969
Steven Meeker
Deez Putz Part DeuxDuff Rooney75908
Kelly Sereda74406
The GM TeamGregory Gatzke59266
Mike O'Keefe58847
The Mr. T'sChris Teeple84165
James Tomasson84069
These GuysJerry Rosa72526
Skye Beddington
We'll get back to youron falconer23419
Ziggy goguen60446

Amateur divisions   34 registered

MA1   Advanced 34 registrants / 28 spots

AddisctionBrad Ireland75477
Clayton Olson75479
Bacon and EggsBen Linton96859
Kalen Faubert
Disc LobotomyChris McBurney50286
Greg Rafter97073
Dude, Where is my Par?Josh Smith75264
Sean Heidebrecht98563
For Flick Sake!Chris Popowich
Chris Snyder
Holland street chain smashersBen Power
Blaine Romanick
Rich and the Funky BunchJeremy Gauthier
Richard Power
Ryan and Will Save the WorldRyan Evans86186
Will Plowman
Scooty McHugginsNoah Higgins84157
Scott Jardine80878
Seek and DestroyDan Chomik82576
Mike Kenny82579
Shake & BakeMatthew Lisac94317
Richard Cymerman
Tamara Ranch WranglersBlake Hall
Pearce Just
Team GQBrendan Millett
Shayne Bundus
The Bro'sBen Boghean97418
Morgan boghean78070
The ChainsmokersEugene Pantella95171
Shawn Friesen73921
The Cow TippersDion Clifford80267
Robin Lambert71655
The One HittersAlex Hachey
Jonny King86364