Piedmont Correctional's 1st Annual Disc Golf Tournament for CPOF

Saturday, May 14, 2022 at Bailey Road Park in Cornelius, North Carolina
Disc golf doubles tournament

Piedmont Correctional's 1st Annual Disc Golf Tournament for CPOF graphic


Tournament DirectorJames Howdeshell
Tournament Assistant Apprentice Frick

About this tournament

Welcome to Piedmont Correctional Institution's 1st Annual Disc Golf Tournament for the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation (CPOF)!
The CPOF (https://cpof.org/) is a non-profit organization of, by, and for Corrections personnel. It was created in 1984 and is devoted to sustaining, supporting, and assisting Corrections personnel and their families.
This tournament is staffed only by volunteers and all proceeds will go towards the CPOF.
The Entry Price for this tournament was recently reduced from $40 down to $25 per player.

This tournament will be a single round, shot-gun start, Captain's Choice doubles tournament with two divisions: Novice and Experienced.
It will be played on the 21 hole layout of Bailey Road Park Disc Golf Course in Cornelius, NC. There will be no out-of-bounds on the course.

Players' packs in the Novice division will include a custom stamped Evo Line plastic disc from Discmania. If you don't actually own any disc golf discs, this can be the only disc you need for the entire tournament! One disc to rule them all!
Players' packs in the Experienced division will include a custom stamped premium plastic disc from Discmania.
A picture of the custom stamped disc is on the tournament site.

Each player's pack in both divisions will also include:
a custom stamped CPOF hand bag,
a custom stamped CPOF towel,
a custom stamped CPOF plastic cup with lid and straw,
CPOF Hand Sanitizer,
CPOF Sunscreen,
and a bag of snacks!
A picture of the player pack contents (minus the snacks!) is on the tournament site.

The winners of each division will be named champions and each player will receive a Trophy! Further prizes will be determined.
Any teams tied at the end of regulation play will complete in a sudden death playoff (no mulligans allowed) starting with Hole 1 and playing the course until we have a winner!

As a part of the event, lunch will be served free to all players and volunteers. This lunch will consist of 2 freshly grilled hot dogs with fixings, a small bag of chips, and a soft drink or water. Spectators, players' guests, or any other people may purchase this meal for $5.00 with all profits going towards the Correctional Peace Officers Foundation. Only cash, Paypal, or Venmo will be accepted.

If you AND your partner are new to the game, please register for the Novice division. Before the tournament starts, there will be a brief demonstration and tutorial by the vastly skilled and horribly humble Tournament Director (TD) on how to play disc golf for any who are interested!

If you AND your partner have more than a little experience playing disc golf, please sign up for the Experienced division.

If you are new to the game but your partner is experienced (or vice versa), sign up for whichever division you like!

Please indicate who your partner is in the comments section when you register on this site so you can be properly paired with them on the course.

If you are a single player looking for a disc golf partner, sign up and you can join up with another available player on the day of the tournament. Or a partner will be randomly assigned to you by the TD!

Closest-To-Pin prizes!
These will be in place on multiple holes in both divisions! Details for this will be forthcoming!

Optional Ace Pool!
Any players hitting a hole-in-one during the round will share half of the Ace Pool!
The other half of the Ace Pool will be donated to the Correctional Peace Officer Foundation.
If there are no aces during the round, the entire Ace Pool will be donated to CPOF.

Either at registration or on the day of the tournament, players will have the option to purchase mulligans for use during the tournament! Each mulligan will cost $1 with all proceeds going to CPOF. Each team can have a maximum of 21 mulligans. Each team may only use one mulligan per hole. Mulligans cannot be used in the case of a sudden death playoff for ties.
A mulligan is a single replacement throw by one player on the team from the last lie of the team's disc. The use of a mulligan must be clearly announced to the other players on your card and it must be marked with an asterisk on your scorecard. The results of a mulligan throw must be used even if an earlier throw was better than the mulligan throw.
Rule #1 of Mulligan Club is: C'est la vie!
If you are purchasing mulligans at registration, please plan ahead with your partner on the number of mulligans to buy because each team is only allowed to use a maximum of 21 mulligans (1 per hole!) for the tournament. If you want to donate extra money to CPOF, buy all you want! We'll make more!
At the tournament, mulligans can only be purchased with cash, Paypal, or Venmo.

Basket Throw Off!
Either at registration or on the day of the tournament, anyone will have the option to purchase a disc throw for $1 towards a disc golf basket set up near the registration area. You may purchase as many throws as you would like! The person landing closest to the basket or in the basket will take home half the prize pool money generated in the Basket Throw Off event! (If multiple people land in the basket, they will compete in a sudden death throw at the end of the tournament. Whoever lands closest to the basket or in the basket will win half the prize pool.)
The other half of the prize pool money in the Basket Throw Off event will be donated to CPOF.
At the tournament, throws can only be purchased with cash, Paypal, or Venmo.

Hole Sponsorships!
If any player or business would like to sponsor a hole during the tournament for $100, please select that option in the registration process! If you just want to sponsor a hole and not play, choose the Sponsorship Division!
Your name or the name of your business will be emblazoned on the hole of your choice for all to see while the tournament is being played.
All funds will be donated to the CPOF.
If you know of somebody who may want to be a sponsor but doesn't necessarily want to play, please let Tournament Director Howdeshell know! He'll be glad to do the legwork!

Refund policy

James Howdeshell is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Final Results

Neil Byrne
Experienced Players
Round 1: Bailey Road Park - Main course Current Course, 21 holes, par 63
1Eric Kinne
Scott Register
4545 (-18)
1Ethan Draper
Ken Little
4545 (-18)
3The Carrolls
The Carrolls
4646 (-17)
4Casey Buttke
Tanner Orr
4646 (-17)
4Charlie Moua
Chinou Yang
4646 (-17)
6Hunter Paigo
Jacob Andrews
4747 (-16)
7James Howdeshell
Max Johnson
4848 (-15)
8Alex Hinterberger
Torrance Rountree
4949 (-14)
8Donald M Morrison
Tim Paulin
4949 (-14)
8Mike Carpenter
Ryan Reynolds
4949 (-14)
8Nathan Ward
Will Layman
4949 (-14)
12Bill Lillard
Rich Bruner
5050 (-13)
12Gavin Schatz
Peter Ridgway
5050 (-13)
14Brandon Roberts
Scott Brooks
5151 (-12)
14Daniel Curley
Tim M
5151 (-12)
16Josh Cook
Kyle Yocum
5353 (-10)
17Adam Lazzari
Jason Hill
5454 (-9)
17Chris Paulus
Damion Belcher
5454 (-9)
17John Frick
Matthew Oakley
5454 (-9)
20Aaron VanMeter
Robert West
5555 (-8)
21John Hall
Kyle Hall
5959 (-4)
22Jacob Hughey
Samuel Murray
7373 (+10)
Novice Players
Round 1: Bailey Road Park - Main course Current Course, 21 holes, par 63
1Matthew Mork
Nicholas Mork
5050 (-13)
2Brendan Diehl
Riley Sullivan
5151 (-12)
5555 (-8)
4Devin Daniels
Zach Sulek
5656 (-7)
5Korbin Little
Zach Brown
6060 (-3)
5Michael Merritt
Miguel Santiago
6060 (-3)
7William Glick
Brandon Hartsell
6161 (-2)
8Bobby Cursio
Kevin Swider
6969 (+6)
9Derrick Killian
Julie Zimmerman
7373 (+10)
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