Party With The Pros

Thursday, July 4, 2019 at Hayden Park in Hillsdale, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


About this tournament

This will be a flex start charity event on a redesigned Course at Hayden Park in Hillsdale, MI for a few touring pros that will be making there way through Southern Michigan for the Great Lakes Open Presented by Discraft.

All divisions will be paid out in merchandise, but not just your normal stock stamp discs. We will be doing pay outs in the touring pros Fundraiser Merchandise. This merchandise will range from discs to clothing to even some towches.

Other Activities:
Since this will be an all day event there will be small games set up around the Park for your enjoyment, do you think you can take on Kevin Jones in a distance competition? What about beat Nick Masters in a putting commotion? Do you think you can beat Vanessa Van Dyken in Sand Volleyball, YES, you read that right, this is July 4th and its not called Party With the Pros for nothing!!!!

Fly Mart:
So you didn't play so well? That's okay! All the pros will have there merchandise out for sale so you can still get some sweet stuff from everyone there.

Refund policy

Jared Stoll is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


Hayden Park
Hillsdale, MI   Get Directions


Thursday, July 4, 2019
10:00amPutting Comp. Qualifier Starts
10:00amDistance Comp. Qualifier Starts
10:00amFlex Start Begins
5:00pmPutting Comp. Qualifier Ends
5:00pmDistance Comp. Qualifier Ends
5:00pmFlex Start Ends
5:30pmDistance Comp. Finals
6:00pmPutting Comp. Finals
7:00pmMusic and Fun

Player Divisions & Entry Fees

$40.00RPAGold [rating 970+]
$40.00RAHBlue [rating <970]
$40.00RAERed [rating <900]