Paper or Plastic Presents the Dave Pitner Memorial (Lower Divisions)

PDGA logoSunday, May 16, 2021 at Community Park in Channahon, Illinois
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Two Rounds of Scheduled Tee Times! Both rounds for the Lower divisions will be from the short tees. Tee times ... more
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Jordan Kappra    May 15 at 6:44pm

I noticed that Uppers are playing 21 holes. Is this the same for lowers or are we playing 18?

Clayton Coffman   May 15 at 7:02pm

There are 3 temp he's for lowes also. So yes. 21

Scott Pitner   May 15 at 7:57pm

All in the players meeting. Clayton is correct.

Scott Pitner    May 14 at 8:32pm

Course is marked and temp holes flagged!
Some notes:
Hole 1 OB area is much larger than you might expect. Lots of squish out there, so... throw well!

We have had some spots open up for MA2 on Saturday, MA4 on Sunday. If you would like to get in, please use the contact us form on, thanks!


Scott Pitner    May 14 at 1:33am

Tee Times Posted!

Rewatch the Player's Meeting:


Scott Pitner    May 13 at 8:47pm

The Player's Meeting is happening tonight, May 13th at 7pm for the Dave Pitner Memorial! Here's how to tune in:
- Twitch:
- YouTube:
- Facebook:

All tee times will be posted on the PDGA website after the player's meeting concludes.

Before the time comes, won't you like and subscribe to these channels? That way you'll get notified once we go live! Hope you are ready for this weekend! We'll be marking the temp holes and OB early on Friday!


Jim fischer    May 13 at 7:55pm

Can u remove mike Oconnor from am4 he had a medical issue and can no longer play

Scott Pitner   May 13 at 8:43pm

Is it possible for Mike to submit a cancellation request through his registration? I'm sure your request is fine and valid, I just need it to come directly from Mike.

Jim fischer   May 14 at 12:57am

If he wasn’t in the hospital he could

Scott Pitner   May 14 at 12:57am


Bre Coffman    May 13 at 2:07pm

Scott... can you please move me up from FA4 to FA3? Alex was willing to move up as well to fill a division. Thank you!

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Alejandra Nieves   May 13 at 7:10pm

We shall stay :) thanks for the info and see ya Sunday

Bre Coffman   May 13 at 7:15pm

Ohh okay! Alex and I will stay in FA4. Sorry for the confusion

Scott Pitner   May 13 at 8:39pm

Not a problem, see you Sunday.

Donovan Livingston    May 11 at 1:22pm

How soon will alternates know if they are in?

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Scott Pitner   May 12 at 2:08pm

ah, I was thinking you were talking about the temp holes. We've been adding people off the wait list as soon as people have been asking to be removed or moved around. You started out as #8 on the waitlist, and as of right now you are in the #1 position. I am waiting to hear back from one person ... more

Donovan Livingston   May 12 at 4:34pm

Excellent, thank you Scott. I'm coming either way because the wife is playing. I hope I get in, cheers!

Scott Pitner   May 12 at 7:56pm

Had a spot open up! Should have an email in your inbox with instructions to complete payment.

Gregory Miller    May 9 at 3:30pm

When are tee times coming out?

Eric Cioni   May 9 at 3:42pm

Probably Thursday or Friday. There's always last minute drops and additions.

Scott Pitner   May 10 at 3:55am

We anticipate it to be after the close of registration Thursday night.

Donald Head    April 29 at 5:06pm

Short or long tees?

John Andrist   April 29 at 6:03pm

Short for Lower Divisions

Donovan Livingston    April 29 at 2:34pm

I'm willing to play MA50 even though I'm only 48 if it means I can get in to play, thanks!

Scott Pitner   April 29 at 10:13pm

Wish I could let you! :)

Clayton Coffman    April 20 at 2:45am

Hey Scott. If divisions don't fill will you be opening up more spots for MA3?

Scott Pitner   April 20 at 3:07am

Yes, we will try our best to accommodate. Our best recommendation here is to get on the wait-list, and then if we are able to open up more spots those will be the first to get in.

Luis J. S├ínchez    April 20 at 12:57am

Novice division card request: Reinaldo Sanchez

Scott Pitner   April 20 at 1:09am

Sorry, pairings are random, and we cannot accommodate requests to be on the same card. Thanks!

Hayden Evernden    April 16 at 3:31am

Is this tournament sanctioned? Thanks

Eric Cioni   April 16 at 3:32am

It says under the title that it is a B-tier

Scott Pitner   April 16 at 4:16am

Yep! Full B-Tier :)

Brock Magnuson    April 15 at 10:45pm

My dad and I would like to register, and do the hole sponsor, do we both have to pay the $25 for the hole sponsor, or can we do it as one?

Scott Pitner   April 16 at 4:17am

Hole sponsorship would open up early registration for one person. Thanks for considering sponsoring the tournament!

Dan Eberhard    April 14 at 2:58am

Any players packs? Is it one round or two?

Scott Pitner   April 14 at 3:08am

Two rounds, single day. Player pack will be an event shirt plus store credit (amount TBD, but probably $15-$20 range depending on sponsorships).