Northern Colorado Disc Golf Match Play Battle Golf Edition

Monday, September 24, 2018 at Edora Park in Fort Collins, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament



Assistant Tournament DirectorDylan O'Malia
Tournament DirectorJoshua Mathieson

About this tournament

The tournament will be 1 match per week set up by the players starting the week of September 24th. There is one bracket of 32 players and there will be a random draw pairing event on Sunday September 23rd at 7pm with the location to be announced.

For the 2018 Noco match play event we are introducing Battle golf. Rules are as follows. Same as any match play with a twist...the player (player 1) who wins a hole is then given the opportunity to "remove" one of his opponent's (player 2) discs from their bag by making it unavailable for use. If player 2 wins a following hole, then he is given the same opportunity to "remove" a disc from player 1's bag or to "replace" a previously "removed" disc to his bag, thus making an inactive disc active once again. The player with the most discs left at the end of the round wins. The amount of discs you are allowed to start with is determined by your PDGA player rating at the start of the event. This means that if the lower rated player ties every hole during the round they win the match because they have more discs left. If the players have the same number of discs at the end of the round proceed to hole 1 for a sudden death playoff where the first person to win a hole wins the match. The number of discs based on PDGA rating is shown below.

849 and lower = 8 discs
850-899 = 7 discs
900-949 = 6 discs
950 - 999 = 5 discs
1000 and higher = 4

The lower rated player chooses the course and the players need to agree on out of bonds rules prior to the start of the match. A player can only choose a course once for the entire tournament. So if player 1 chooses Edora for the first match and win they are not allowed to choose Edora again the entire tournament. The courses that are in play are as follows.
-Fort Collins High
-Mehaffey Park

Because of the last second nature of this event there is no player pack but there will be a trophy and payout for the winner.

If you have any questions please let myself or Josh Mathieson know.

Refund policy

Northern Colorado Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.


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