No Touch Backsies! - The 2020 Tunnel Runner Opening Tag Round

PDGA logoSaturday, January 25, 2020 at Roots DGC in Salt Lake City, Utah
XC-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

No Touch Backsies! - The 2020 Tunnel Runner Opening Tag Round graphic


Tournament DirectorAlex Covey
Assistant TDNoel Covey
Assistant TDAndrew Hincks
Assistant TDNate Paxman

About this tournament

It's 2020. It's not the roaring 20s, so please don't expect any of that here. It's 2020, which is basically the future. Expect online scoring and... I don't know... robots, I guess.

NEW FOR 2020 - This year, we are doing a points series for all our club run events to determine our overall club champions for the year. Learn more by checking out the flyer.

With our club being as magnanimous as it is, we just can't fit this event on a single course. To compensate for the high demand, we'll be hosting it at two separate courses: Roots, and Creekside. The divisions will be split in such a way to provide the best chances for balanced ratings on each course. The tags will be distributed at each course independently. One course will get even tags, the other course will get odd tags. The fate of the tags will be determined by a good old fashioned coin toss. Note: I'll need to borrow a coin from someone.

About the tournament

IMPORTANT! - Check in is mandatory. If you fail to check in according to the schedule, your spot can/will be forfeited.

Same day registration will be allowed. Please be courteous to the TDs by registering in advance online, if possible.

Course assignments!
Creekside: MPO, MA2, MP40, FA1, MA4, MP50, MA50, FA2

Roots: MA1, MA3, MA40, FPO, FA50, FA3, FA4

Registration for this event pays for your 2020 Tunnel Runners membership. If you have already paid your 2020 dues, you will be provided a discount code. (We keep a list)

Locations(s): Roots and Creekside

Format: Singles play. One round.

Prizes: AMs will play for tags and a trophy pin. Pros will play for tags, cash, and a trophy pin. Ties for tags will be determined alphabetically by first name (except 1st place). Ties for first place will be determined by a playoff.

Ace Pot: There is a tournament ace pot ($2) that is offered for each course. There will be a throw-off after the round no one hits an ace. Aces during playoffs count! The super-ace will only be paid out to aces hit during the course of the event. No throw-off for the super ace, sorry!

Refund policy

No amateur refunds will be issued because registration only covers club membership and trophy costs. Players in pro divisions will be refunded registration dues per the PDGA Competition Manual. No SLCTR membership dues will be refunded.


Roots DGC
Salt Lake City, UT   Get Directions
Creekside Park
Salt Lake City, UT   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at
1Russell Jessop4444$97
2Shae Chamberlain4444$67
3Rusty Denton4545$48
4Dallas Hansen4646$35
5Nick Lopez4747$30
6David Smith5151$14
6Eric Florence5151$14
6Jared Grissom5151$14
9Delaino Harris5252
10Justin Hiner5353
10Troy Aldrich5353
12Corbin Atkinson5454
12Seth Dey5454
14Beau Leyva5555
15Kevin Todd5757
15Taylor Weisahupt5757
Pro 40+
1Ryan Sperry4848$78
2Dave Jones4848$78
3Chris Norman5050$38
3David Koerte5050$38
5Calvin Poon5151$11
5Dave Roper5151$11
5Ryan Johnson5151$11
5Tongia Vakaafi5151$11
9Todd Wilkins5252
10Andy Nichols5353
10Brandon Gregersen5353
10Mark Spicer5353
13Trey Blackburn5555
14Caleb Petersen5757
Open Women
1Karina Nowels5353$50
2Marla Tuttle5454$30
3Tierney Murphy5656
4Lili Orozco6060
5Tori Pasquin6161
1Levi Hancock4444
2Joseph Illingworth4444
3J.C. Snyder4747
4Alex Covey4848
4Darren Shepherd4848
4Garrett Colwell4848
4Shane Evans4848
8Josh Whiting4949
9Jerrod Galloway5050
9Tyler Jessop5050
11David Erickson5151
11Nate Reiner5151
11Trevor Johnson5151
14Fernando Cortez5252
14Jacob Addis5252
16Charlie Redeye Davidson5353
16Dominick Gula5353
16Trevin Allison5353
19Lando Savage5454
20Anthony Kerns5555
20Joshua Garcia5555
20William Bauer5555
23Jaron Robbins5656
24David Souther5858
25Epigmeno Munoz6262
Amateur 40+
1Brian Hancock4848
2Adrian Toledo4949
3Zachary Polak5050
4Shawn Christophersen5151
5Alan Barker5353
6Layne West5454
6Lee Cox5454
8Curt Myrick5555
9Michael Wierda5757
10Lonnie Kerns5858
11Chris Silvester6060
Amateur 50+
1Thomas Kik5353
2John Paulson5454
3Alan Amos5858
1Dewey Moffat4747
2Tyler Rogers4848
3Chaz Critchfield5050
3Daniel Berg5050
5Dylan Schimmel5151
5Kevin Montgomery5151
7Andrew Hincks5252
7Chris Miller5252
7Colton Davis5252
7Jedidiah Duke5252
7Tyler Dahl5252
12Alan Bodily5353
12David Stutz5353
12Kevin Pina5353
12Zachary Robinson5353
16Bobby Sebastin5454
16Brennin Vanderpoel5454
16Eric Derieux5454
16Jesse Beardon5454
16John Matern5454
16Justin Rowley5454
16Nathan Paxman5454
16Philip Lovejoy5454
16Philip Millerberg5454
25Dylan Alvarez5555
26Josh Apple5656
26Justin Beasley5656
26Zachary Melville5656
29Lucas Miller5757
29Rudy Wolfsfeld5757
31John Caldwell5959
31Kyle P. Braby5959
31Larry McCandless5959
34Clint Karren6161
35Erik Durgin6262
37Philip Swink6666
1Jake Messerly5555
2Charlotte Christensen5555
2Peter Messina5555
4Steven Pugmire5656
4Taylor Banks5656
4Travis Holmquist5656
4Zak Erickson5656
8Patrick Christensen5757
9Shaun Bagley5858
10Austin Nielsen5959
10Colby Christophersen5959
12Chris Light6060
12Ronnie Higley6060
12Tom Sharrock6060
15Andy Pyper6161
15Austin Hammer6161
15Noel Covey6161
18Eric Monfrooy6262
18TJ Myers6262
20Cory Bentley6464
21Tommy First Raised III6666
21Will Sinclair6666
1Tristin Sharp6060
2Vail Paxman6262
3Casey Mason6363
4Kaden Snarr6565
5Jeff Howard7272
6Cole Paxman7878
Advanced Women
1Alyssa Butler6060
Intermediate Women
1Kati Chachere5858
2Savanna Schimmel5858
3Janice Jones6464
4Clarissa Pimentel6666
Recreational Women
1Brynna Brockbank6363
2Lisa Aun7171