2024 Gonzo Liberty Battle (A HOTT Points Event)

PDGA logoSaturday, July 6, 2024 at Gonzales Disc Golf Course in Gonzales, Texas
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

PDGA C-Tier Format: 2 rounds, 1 day. Shotgun Start Players Pack: $20 VALUE | (1) Mint Disc. Updated 7/6/ ... more
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MINT Discs    July 6 at 8:54pm

We made a mistake for the 2nd year due to a copy/paste issue. I’ve fixed it now for 2025. Historically at our HOTT events we roll our ace pots over. This ace pot will be added to the Sizzler. We are sticking to this to stay consistent with all Mint HOTT events. Thanks and sorry - Zach


Heart of Texas Tour    July 6 at 12:19am

Starting Holes have been published:

Reminder that we are playing 19 holes. Hole 9a is the "bridge hole". We are not playing the other newer short hole on the back 9, and will cover it with a trash bag during the event.

Please check in by 8:30am tomorrow. We will be set up near Hole 10


Heart of Texas Tour    July 5 at 9:45pm

We made an update to the players packs in the about section. It was reduced to a $20 value and the extra $5 was moved to payout instead of random swag.


MINT Discs    July 5 at 7:41pm

Starting Holes and Projected Payout will be posted following the close of registration tonight at 7pm cst.


Heart of Texas Tour    July 5 at 3:27pm

Hello, we only have about 50 event stamped discs. So for Amateurs if you really want one rather than a stock stamp, make sure to check in early tomorrow. These were printed before registration started going up. We will likely not have extras for sale either.


David Meredith    July 5 at 3:18am

Actually we have two port-a-potty’s one on either side of bridge hole! Sunbelt did service them yesterday! I picked up dead trees for two hours tonight! Hopefully the mow tomorrow will help the course look good!!

Heart of Texas Tour   July 5 at 2:01pm

Thank you David! Good to know about the other toilet! Gonzo always looks great!

Robert Hand   July 5 at 7:23pm

They’re cutting on front nine!

MINT Discs    July 4 at 10:50pm

Event HQ will be by Hole 10 under the pecan trees. Parking and a port-a-potty is available there. This is the only toilet on the course.

We will have water at Hole 1/9, 4/5, and 11.


Ryan Wagner    July 4 at 10:06pm

Went out for a practice round today, update for people that couldn't make it out there. Front 9 was mostly mowed, but not totally. Still some high grass and a few stickers but entirely playable. As always, fork seems to be the best way to deal with the stickers.

Grass was pretty grabby, didn't get really any skips at all. Should be a good tournament.

MINT Discs   July 4 at 10:41pm

Thanks for the update! We are optimistic it will be finished tomorrow. How was the back?

MINT Discs   July 4 at 10:42pm

The city is also the one mowing it for the event for those curious.

Ryan Wagner   July 5 at 12:42am

The back was fine. Grass still grabby but nothing high, except I would recommend walking right, not left, off of hole 13 regardless of where your disc lands.

Luke Harper    July 2 at 12:07am

When is the last day to sign up? Can someone show up and sign up?

MINT Discs   July 3 at 10:01am

Registration closes on the 5th at 7pm cst. No day of registration.

Heart of Texas Tour    July 1 at 3:31pm

Course should be mowed again this week fyi. We don't expect any major changes to the rules or holes unless something drastic requires a change.


Jesse Sanchez    February 6 at 3:18am

How About MA70….?!!!!!

Heart of Texas Tour   April 22 at 7:39pm


Joe Sudolcan   June 22 at 7:51pm

Every time you ask this I never see you signed up for the tournaments ????

Clayton Coffman   June 26 at 5:01pm

I've noticed that too joe

Ronald Savage    January 28 at 1:01pm

Ma 60?

Heart of Texas Tour   April 22 at 7:39pm