Mile High Disc Golf Club 1st Tags 2020

Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at Bird's Nest Disc Park in Arvada, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament

Mile High Disc Golf Club 1st Tags 2020 graphic


Tournament DirectorKyle Harrigan
Club PresidentRay Woodruff

About this tournament

Day of walk ups will be allowed, bring $20 cash and optional $2 ace pool

Come out and play in the first organized tag match of 2020. Everyone will play the course and tags will be distributed after the round based on scores with the lowest score taking home the coveted #1 tag. (Tie Breaker will be last name)

The First Tag match will be at Birds Nest Disc Golf Course, the round will consist of at least 21 holes(Weather Dependent), and will be a great day to kick off the New Year and new tag year!

Each participant will get a 2020 tag and the first 100 People to pre-register and ATTEND THE EVENT will receive a 2020 MHDGC First Tags Stamped Disc!

If you can't make it to the first tag match, you can also get a membership Tag in person in the coming weeks from various year round tag matches, or your Master of All Tags Lauren Johnson.

All skill levels are welcome to come out and play and help MHDGC support the sport we all love to play. Thank you for your support in 2019- this year we sold over 600 Memberships and the club keeps growing every year!

Remember Tags are Fun, Always Encouraged, Never Required!

Refund policy

No Refunds will be given. If you are unable to show up to 1st tags you will be able to get a tag at any tag match held and run by MHDGC tag masters


Final Results

Round 1: Bird's Nest Disc Park - First Tags 22 Holes, 22 holes, par 66
1Jon Boothe5858
2Jason Heimark5858
3Randy Lahm5959
4James Rodriguez6060
5Ethan Boyd6060
6James Ivory6060
7Mike Gomez6060
8Ryan Knuth6060
9Nick Hanson6060
10Jay Burghardt6161
11Maverick Robertson6161
12David Stepp6161
13Lance Trott6161
14Matt Renn6262
15Jeff Lynn6262
16Lawrence Taylor6262
17Zach Vilante6262
18Tom Clinkenbeard6262
19Kevin Sandmann6262
20Dain Eric Cunningham6363
21Christopher Cunningham6363
22Marcus Rawls6363
23Dan Dixon6363
24Russ Birdsall6363
25Stain Maloni6363
26Kyle Harrigan6464
27Steve Burns6464
28Dave Straight6464
29Daniel Jones6464
30George Petro6464
31Brian Whitehead6464
32Rick Kapalko6464
33Damon H6464
34Mike Collela6464
35Matt Trowbridge6565
36Nick Burghardt6565
37Bryan Dalrymple6565
38Andrea Eaton6565
39Jason McConnel6565
40Kevin Grace6565
41Corey Block6565
42Jon Chavez6565
43Brian Smith6565
44Jim Jones6666
45Jamie Simino6666
46Dustin Saboe6666
47Robert Gerhard6666
48Adam Smith6666
49Jason Goetz6666
50Adrian Barbu6666
51Thomas Pickett6666
52Erik Morehouse6666
53Pat Srebniak6666
54Josh Kreutzer6767
55Ken Shaw6767
56Cody DelReal6767
57Kevin Galloway6767
58Jesse Cieluch6767
59Matt Shively6767
60Robb Park6767
61Chris Popovich6767
62Clifton Stockhoff6767
63Flo Pfender6767
64Dan Srebniak6767
65Dustin Duncan6868
66Jay Van Loenen6868
67Nathan Wilkinson6868
68Justin McLaughlin6868
69Chadwick Page6868
70Matt Arminio6868
71Jon Kamm6868
72Bry Focker6969
73Michael LaRosa6969
74Mike Sheren6969
75Theo Byron6969
76Rich Peters6969
77Jay Strait6969
78Dustin Yeager6969
79Travis Laing6969
80James Sherman6969
81Daniel Elsen6969
82Shannon Baker6969
83Cameron Dick6969
84Ray Woodruff7070
85Andy Blanton7070
86John Rollins7070
87Chris Houck7070
88Graham Butcher7070
89Scott Walker7070
90Bob Wilking7070
91Zach Kauffman7070
92Dave Kauffman7070
93Dan Noonan7070
94David Brannan7070
95Charley Franklin7070
96Justin Ponsor7171
97Liz Torok7171
98Mark Nielsen7171
99Shyam Dhurv7171
100Nick Casady7171
101Brad Rollins7171
102Tyler Ponsor7272
103Ian Sawyer7272
104Dave Thielen7272
105Jeremy Cowdery7272
106Greg Gilmore7272
107Cody J Davis7272
108Austin Weik7272
109Neil Smith7272
110Mark Doty7373
111Nicholas Judson7373
112Scott Taylor7373
113Barry Jennings7373
114Sam Classen7373
115Kevin Massaro7373
116Jennifer Petro7373
117Andrew Giddings7373
118Chase Engelhardt7373
119Dennis Cisneros7373
120Manny Trujillo7373
121Travis Bagwell7474
122Charles Lawson7474
123Alan Krajcir7474
124Jake Murphy7474
125Randy Ortiz7575
126Brian Holt7575
127Jonathan Brown7575
128Jay McLaughlin7575
129Doug Devine7575
130Cody Rosa7575
131Andy Chantharack7575
132Paul Moris7676
133Scott Hoffman7676
134Brady Bernards7676
135Raymond Scott7676
136Camden Farmer7777
137Nathan Dodson7777
138Ryan Volak7777
139Chris Meachum7777
140Seb Hayman7777
141Trey Morgan7777
142Jason Humphrey7878
143Matthew Locke7878
144David Dehmlow7878
145Ray Soileau7878
146Paul Pequette7878
147Jeremey Kauffman7979
148Leslie Chandler7979
149Adam Dorn8080
150Sara Waligorski8080
151Bj Evert8282
152Jordan Damon Elizondo8282
153Kevin McBride8282
154Justin Hood8383
155Eric Baird8383
156Jacob Delreal8383
157Robert Gemza8484
158Tammy Martinez8484
159Gabe Rodriguez8484
160Bob Kroha8686
161Jim Roy8888
162Jon Cragg8989
163Emily Freimann9595
164Cody Stevenson9696
165Amanda Dorn108108
166Miles Dodson109109
167Rocco Dalton116116
168Brandon Nelon-0
168Camilo Moncada-0
168Cody Beck-0
168Dan Picchione-0
168Dave Eno-0
168Derek Bernhard-0
168Johnathan Ogan-0
168Joseph Phillips-0
168Lavina Olsen-0
168Michael Slaymaker-0
168Patrick Hall-0
168Terry Cross-0
168Tom Hamilton-0
168Vinnie El Leftino-0