Middle Of The Mitten Doubles Bag Tags Tournament #12

Sunday, December 10, 2017 at Sanford Lake Park in Sanford, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament


Middle Of The Mitten Doubles Bag Tags Tournament #12 graphic

About this tournament

Cashless Pre Reg is Welcome!

This is a Bring Your Own Partner Doubles Bag Tags Tournament!

Once you have chose your Partner that's your Partner for the Year!

There are 100 Tags from 1 to 50!

This is the 9th of 12 Tournaments.Each Tournament may consist of 24 Holes. There will be several CTP'S available at Every Tournament. We will be Playing a different Course every Month. Location of next Tournament to be held and Date will be determined the Day of the this one and so on and so forth. It will be a Maximum Distance of 1 1/2 Hours from Midland! It will be chosen by who ever shows up to throw. The Last Tournament will be Held at Sanford Park!

Here are some Choices to think about!

Chippewa Banks, Midland
Tittabawassee Park, Freeland
Wild Deer, Mt. Pleasant
Wickes Woods, Saginaw
Frankenmuth Flats, Frankenmuth
Old Airport Course, Augre
The Pines, St. Charles
Reed Park, North Star
Bertha Brock County Park, Ionia
Holly Woods, Holly

It is $50.00 Per Team Per Tournament!
$20.00 taken out for Tags Per Team until all Tags are purchased!(This is a 1 Time Fee Per Team)
$10.00 taken out Per Team at every Tournament for CTP,S and Prizes!
$5.00 taken out for 50/50 and Ace Pool Per Team!
$15.00 remaining will go towards Cash Payouts!

Will be Paying Out Top Third of the Field!