Metal Mayhem Ace Challenge at Cameron Park Lake Sponsored by EV-7

Sat-Sun, January 22-23, 2022 at Cameron Park Lake in Cameron Park, California
Ace Race

Metal Mayhem Ace Challenge at Cameron Park Lake Sponsored by EV-7 graphic

About this tournament


Metal Mayhem Ace Challenge Sponsored by EV-7 presented by El Dorado Disc Sports at Cameron Park Lake Disc Golf Course.

Saturday, January 22, OR Sunday, January 23, 2022. Tee times are available both days to accommodate players' schedules (chose only one tee time, either Saturday OR Sunday). Register early for your choice of tee time. Prizes for first, second, and third place (all baskets!). General Men, General Women, and Youth 12 and under.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION-When Selecting a tee time choose one for Saturday OR one for Sunday. On the opposite day choose option N/A, so you are only registered for one tee time. Ex. Saturday tee time 8:30, Sunday tee time N/A.

Your player's pack will have two EV-7 putters (plus additional items) that you keep. You play the 27-hole course with only the 2 discs from your player's pack, or you can opt to buy a Metal Mayhem custom stamped disc for a third shot. Baskets and tee pads will be added to the Cameron Park Lake course and no hole will be over 250 feet with most 100 to 170.

One throw with each disc from each hole's tee pad (2 throws with an option for a 3rd throw). Points are cumulative for all 27 holes.
3 points for an Ace
1 point for hitting metal on the basket or pole.

One hole on the course will be a basket pyramid. In addition to points for ace and metal on the pyramid baskets, if you ace the top tier basket you are entered into a raffle for a full-size portable disc golf basket (manufacturer TBD). Additional chances to throw for the basket raffle can be purchased at the tee pad, $1 per throw, or 3 throws for $2. Each top-tier ace equals one raffle entry ticket.

50/50 Raffle also available-Win cash!

The putting challenge is included in your entry.

Additional activities and games will be added to round out the day of fun at Cameron Park Lake DGC.

Complimentary snacks, water, and other food and drink items will be available during your round. Custom Event stamped discs, t-shirts, patches, and other items will be available for purchase at the event and online during registration.

WINNERS will be posted Sunday night before 9:00 p.m. on DGScene and the Cameron Park Lake Disc Golf Club Facebook Page. Prizes for the top three in Open, Women's, Youth

Wild Discs has been scheduled for a future Metal Mayhem due to supply issues (the same ones everyone is facing). Thank you for your understanding.

Refund policy

Cameron Park Disc Golf Club - El Dorado Disc Sports is responsible for all refunds/cancellations within 2 weeks of the event. Less than 2 weeks, no cash refunds will be given and you will receive your players pack.
In the event of a cancellation beyond our control due to restrictions regarding COVID-19 Policies, the event will be rescheduled and no refunds will be provided. You are welcome to sell your spot to another player if you are unable to attend the event.


Cameron Park Lake
Cameron Park, CA   Get Directions


Current Standings

Junior-Under 12
Round 1: Cameron Park Lake - Ace Challenge, 27 holes, par 54
1Cameron Tompkins1
1Jacob Willoughby1
1Simon Kerr1
4Logan Tamagni3
5Ryan Tompkins6
6Cedar Duckett6
7Jaydon Morlet-
7Noah Frost-
7Rainer Beltz-
Round 1: Cameron Park Lake - Ace Challenge, 27 holes, par 54
1Daphni Ames1
1Kristina Goodwin1
1Tashly A Hamel1
4Beth Union2
4Karen Hughes2
4Kari Sumner2
4Michelle Click2
8Kristi Lewis4
9Nova Clemenza6
10Teri Roland7
11Jamie Beltz-
11Teresa Hannigan-
Round 1: Cameron Park Lake - Ace Challenge, 27 holes, par 54
1Jacob Oliver1
1Jeff Jackson1
1John Lara1
1Kyle Voight1
1Larry Ames1
1Mason Packheiser1
1Mike Franchi1
1Rob Keedy1
1Samuel Madison1
1Ted Peart1
11Alexander Taylor2
11Andrew Austin2
11Andy Trejo2
11Bill Phan2
11Brady Ferguson2
11Brian Hendriks2
11David Romero2
11Deane Cook2
11Dillon Webb2
11Dylan Rader2
11Eddie Knick2
11Ernest Alvarado2
11Jeremy Hillhouse2
11Joe Wood2
11Juan Rincon2
11Justin Gray2
11Kyle Kurtz2
11Matthew Seagraves2
11Michael Garibay2
11Nick Cerf2
11Paul Curry2
11Philip Taylor2
11Randy Pace2
11Ray Clark2
11Ross Macy2
11Stephen Uchida2
11Tim Wright2
11William Acord2
11William Kerr2
40Birk Ellis3
40Bobby Hogue3
40Brent Curry3
40Casey C White3
40Chris Faris3
40Chris Swayze3
40Chris Webb3
40Clay Reed3
40Courtland A. Wilson3
40Daniel Worley3
40Eric Greene3
40Erik Burkett3
40Jake Castro3
40Jim Smyth3
40Joe Avansino3
40John Beltz3
40Julian Cornejo3
40Julian Hardy3
40Matt Wittler3
40Maxwell Mical3
40Michael Good3
40Neil Tamagni3
40Nicanor Tri Phan3
40Nikolas Colivas3
40Rael Briggs3
40Rob Cerra3
40Timothy Cerf3
67Andrew Borges4
67Ben Rady4
67Benny Geske4
67Clayton Eckstein4
67Cody Kitts4
67David Wheeldon4
67Ethan Fox4
67Evan Agnone4
67Gabriel Lopez4
67Glenn Tompkins4
67J. Beck4
67Micheal Pentz4
67Patrick Paturel4
67Randall Sinkiewicz4
67Stephen Paturel4
67Steve Hixenbaugh4
67Tony Oleaz4
84Brad Carroll5
84Brian Lee Bender5
84Doug Neal5
84Jacob Johnson5
84Jared Collins5
84John Shulters5
84Joseph Plemons5
84Joshua Laya5
84Ric Koch5
93Andrew Thomason6
93Arturo Del Rivero6
93Brandon Ehly6
93Brennan Bryant6
93Derek Peart6
93Garrett Porter6
93Jacob Kelly6
93Jonny Pac Cantin6
93Josh Fankhauser6
93Kevin Evers6
93Kevin Kelley6
93Mark Orloff6
93Matthew C Bigam6
93Nathan Parks6
93Rob Mecier6
93Ryan Monte6
93Steve Farnsworth6
93Tom Janus6
93Vince Stern6
112Apolonio Gomez7
112Brandon Mecier7
112Daniel Galloway7
112Jeffrey Fortier7
112Jose Gil7
112Kona Texeira7
112Steve Willoughby7
112Travis Bowman7
112Zachary Hedges7
121Brandon Hill8
121Calvin Cantu8
121Carl Ober8
121Edward Elam8
121Eric Heath8
121Josh Hemmes8
121Nicolas Bonatto8
121Nomad Jones8
121Rodney Jacobson8
121Ron(Bonehead) Jones8
121Ryan Jones8
121Tony Sainz8
133Alex Fleischmann9
133Brandon Clarke9
133Corey Webb9
133Kevin Westbrook9
133Marty Johnson9
133Tim Wiegert9
133Zac Bonner9
133Zach Edmonds9
141Eric Zueger10
141Reed Mills10
141Sean Smith10
144Brad Holley11
144Lane Mason11
146Chad Foster12
146Jason Halk12
146Nic Frost12
146Ryan Hillhouse12
146Sean Sargiotto12
151Richy Shoffner13
152Adam Fischlin13
153André Romero Jr.14
154Justin Borges14
155Nino Failla14
156Ian Owen15
157James Agnone19
158Christopher Hamel-
158Estefano Arellano-
160Estevan Garcia-
160Logan Tosta-
160Ryan Rieger-
160Seth Tosta-
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