March Mush (Day 2 MPO, FPO, MPG, MA2, MA4,. All Am Women)

PDGA logoSunday, March 18, 2018 at Sleepy Hollow State Park in Laingsburg, Michigan
B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

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Matt Rinker    Sticky February 19 at 4:30pm

Here is a list of the first 45 who will receive an extra disc in their player pack. This list is a combination of both days.
Audri Niezgoda
Brenden Andrews
Caleb Miller
Caleb Peters
Chris Schuchaskie
Christopher Martinez
Cory Swift
Craig Clingan
Dan Abruzzi
Dan Gipe
denton dietz
Doc Proctor
Doug Prizer
Douglas P Smith
Drake Evans
Dylan J Helfrich
Eric Best
Eric c golembiewski
Gary Vigil
Gregory Butterfield
James Mayehem Mayes
James Reed
Jared 'JSauce' Saucedo
J ... more


Caleb miller    March 19 at 9:39pm

Huh. I mustve left before some things went down. It was my understanding that the ace pool carried over. I take it people were confused by this or didnt know?

Matt Rinker   March 20 at 12:00am

Correct. There was some confusion refunds on the ace pool were sent out to all from day 2.

Caleb miller   March 20 at 1:01am

All good. See you guys out at quin. Hopefully im... Well hopefully i actually decide to show up and play disc golf. And not whatever it was i did this weekend

Keith Aten    March 19 at 12:41pm

Due to the concerns regarding the Ace pool we will be issuing refunds for all that entered.

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Keith Aten   March 19 at 4:23pm

Paid in persons and PP paid have been issued refunds per PP

Ferrel Mejeur   March 19 at 8:47pm

yeah I was really surprised there was no throw off

Keith Aten   March 20 at 6:22pm

Farrell the never is in a jbird players series event it gets carried over to the next event

Cameron Penix    March 19 at 6:55am

Do I get a refund?

Matt Rinker   March 19 at 12:21pm

I sent it out yesterday. Should be in your PayPal account

Wesley Shinevar    March 19 at 2:34am

Thanks to Matt Rinker for running a great tournament! Always on time and smooth.


Matt Rinker    March 19 at 12:30am

Basket Raffle Winner: 5604332 - name on the back says Caleb

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Wesley Shinevar   March 19 at 2:31am

Lucky dog! :D

Caleb Peters   March 19 at 2:49am


Zachary Stuefen   March 20 at 2:52am

Woooooooooow. Now I see why you said luck of the Irish. A giveaway AND a basket raffle. Hahah well done bub

Ferrel Mejeur    March 18 at 11:12pm

I think somehow you mixed up my score with Chris Wagner..
I shot a 66 and a 63
He shot a 66 and a 66

Matt Rinker   March 18 at 11:26pm

fixed, thanks

Ferrel Mejeur   March 18 at 11:57pm

Thank you

Ferrel Mejeur   March 18 at 11:59pm

Now it looks like I lost in that 7th place throw off, lol


Chad Cole    March 18 at 9:40am

I hate to do this at the last minute, but due to illness I'm not going to be able to make it. If I can't be refunded, please use my entrance fee to pay for the next guy on the waitlist. Sorry. I really wanted to play. :(


Tiger Borth    March 17 at 11:38am

Due to the 2 drops in fa1 this week, please move Rachel Terryn to fa2 and myself to fpo. Thanks.

Matt Rinker   March 17 at 7:37pm

Thanks. I'll make the switch when I get home

Matt Rinker    March 16 at 9:52pm

Lunch will be provided free of charge to all players. On the menu, sloppy Joes and chips. Plus maybe another side. Since we are providing a free lunch, your break between rounds will be 45 mins after the last card from round 1 is turned in. Bring your own beverage.


Matt Rinker    March 16 at 9:26pm

Unless you've notified me you'll be running late, check in ends at 845. So, at 845 I will start letting in players from the wait list who are present or any other walk ups. Message me here if you're going to be late so I don't give your spot away.

Scott Adkins   March 18 at 2:32am

I don't think I will be late, but I'm coming from 2 hrs away. I WILL be there. Too soon?

Matt Rinker   March 18 at 2:33am

No. Not too soon. You're spot is now secured

Caleb miller    March 16 at 8:13pm

How are the course conditions for this weekend? Super muddy or is it pretty dry?

Matt Rinker   March 16 at 9:12pm

Pretty muddy in spots. Some snow in the wooded areas, but not much. Conditions are pretty good

Ferrel Mejeur    March 16 at 7:14pm

So if you have no shows at 8:45 you start taking waitlisted folks?

Matt Rinker   March 16 at 7:57pm


Matt Rinker    March 16 at 4:12pm

Matthew Jackson, you're in


James Mayehem Mayes    March 16 at 4:10pm

Please withdraw Jean Mayes #66930, her husband will explain when he is there...

Matt Rinker   March 16 at 4:12pm

Refund sent. No explanation needed.

Tiger Borth   March 17 at 11:15am


Daymon Pugh    March 16 at 12:35pm

Good morning I could anyone tell me course conditions at Laingsburg how much snow is on the ground. Pl and ty. Have to work an hour or two in Rochester then I was going to head up there get at me if you want to meet or go

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Stephen Sime   March 16 at 2:05pm

Snow is patchy 1-2. At most

Daymon Pugh   March 16 at 2:11pm

Thank you very much

Stephen Sime   March 16 at 2:51pm

No problem just got done playing an hour or soo ago

Darren Harper    March 16 at 2:16am

How many on the waitlist?

Matt Rinker   March 16 at 2:24am


Darren Harper   March 16 at 7:21pm

Thanks Matt.

CHAD JONES    March 15 at 9:51pm

I'm on the wait list if a spot opens the day of the tournament and I'm not there will I still get refunded?

Matt Rinker   March 15 at 10:13pm


CHAD JONES   March 16 at 2:24am

Thank you. I hope to be able to play. But if a couple more spots don't open. I'm not sure if I'll make the drive.

Matt Rinker   March 16 at 2:56am

No worries. Let me know if you need to he refunded.

mike herbst    March 13 at 3:32pm

Do I have to pay to be waitlisted

Matt Rinker   March 13 at 3:43pm