MVP Circuit Event at Pine Creek hosted by The Throw Shop

Saturday, June 2, 2018 at Pine Creek DGC in Belleville, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


MVP Circuit Event at Pine Creek hosted by The Throw Shop graphic

About this tournament

General: This is an 18-24 hole singles tournament, where everyone gets a 3-disc (Plasma Shock, Plasma Axis and Firm Electron Anode) Player's Pack, and may only throw those 3 discs. They are yours to keep just for playing! There will be side games like distance, ctp's, ace pool etc, some of which may cost 1-5$.
Note: Location may change to Lakeshore if required!
The course will be shortened, with added holes to make for an 18 hole layout. If it's not expanded by then. If possible, we may do 21-24 holes to allow for more players. We will attempt to do the side games like putting and distance before the round, however you must check-in before the side games. If you don't want to do them, you can warm up and learn your new discs before the round begins.
There will be small plastic payouts and a Black Hole basket prize anyone can win IF we get 72+ players at the tournament.
Pre reg required by 2 weeks in advance, only a few spots will be available the day of.

Refund policy

Throw Shop Gang is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.
Sorry no refunds, but you get to keep the player's pack. We have to buy them up front so we cannot offer a refund once they are ordered.


Pine Creek DGC
Belleville, MI   Get Directions

Final Results

1Bradley Brinker-0
1Brandon Beemer-0
1Breanna Mrac-0
1Juan "Big Smoke" Ruelas-0
1Kaelynn Richter-0
1Kyle Ketchabaw-0
1Mike Smith-0
1Raymond "Chipp" Chippewa-0
1Scott Gasser-0
1Scott Semposki-0
1Shawn Starzec-0
2Brian Welch5454
3Cody "Trophy Collector" Scott5555
4Zachary Colosimo5656
5Chris Stanley5757
5Rich Thelen5757
5Rob Shaffer5757
8Andrew Rusinek5858
9Brian Crouch5959
Round 1: Pine Creek DGC - Circuit '18, 18 holes, par 56
1Matt Neal5656
2Stephen Swafford5858
3Joshua Costa5959
3Scott Peterson5959
5Mitsuaki Murashige6060
6Angelo Cummins6161
6Derek Campbell6161
6James Perras6161
9Ben Pierce6262
9Bj Holcomb6262
9Brian Gentz6262
12Cameron LaMance6363
12Casey Creason6363
12David Goosen6363
12Matt Soulliere6363
16Green Giant6464
16Jacob Kurowicki6464
18Ian Berk6666
18Matt Sheil6666
20Christopher Graham7070
21Brian Wilson7272
22Kyle C7676
Round 1: Pine Creek DGC - Circuit '18, 18 holes, par 56
1Jay Krebs6060
2Paul Lucas6161
3Jamison Lucas6464
3Rick Doelker6464
3Ryan Ratkewicz6464
6Bill Karr6565
6Eric Richter6565
8Justin Walters6666
9Andrue Vader6767
9Jim MacKinnon6767
9Trevor Owen6767
12Ben Soulliere6868
12Chuck Barackman6868
12Doug Moue6868
15Austin Danis6969
15Kevin Pratt6969
15Nate Esch6969
18Joe Smith7070
19AJ Cox7171
19Chris Nolfo7171
19Gary Walker7171
19James Switzer7171
19Jordan Lang7171
24Christopher Owen7272
24Dave Ross7272
24Justin Nichols7272
24Pete Fenton7272
28Joe Hansen7373
29Michael Owen7575
29Tony Hill7575
31Dakota Young7777
32Andrew Amsdill8686
Intermediate Women
Round 1: Pine Creek DGC - Circuit '18, 18 holes, par 56
1Felicia Calhoun6464
Novice Women
Round 1: Pine Creek DGC - Circuit '18, 18 holes, par 56
1Chelsey Draper7575
2Deena Young8080
3Kylie Smith8585
4Ryleigh Eaton9090