MAY 2020 Riverview Bracket Shootout (Bandito Matchplay Singles)

Sat-Mon, May 16-25, 2020 at Riverview Disc Golf Course in Newark, Ohio
Disc golf singles tournament

MAY 2020 Riverview Bracket Shootout (Bandito Matchplay Singles) graphic

About this tournament

With such great success last month we will continue the same format, everyone did a great job of communicating and getting their matches in probably due to the excitement the brackets cause other way it was fun to watch and no complaints so get registered And gear up for battle.

** BRACKET WILL BE RANDOMLY DRAWN ON MAY 16th, Play matches at your earliest conveniences, glow rounds are absolutely acceptable if both parties agree on a time. Pay attention to the other match is connected to yours and capitalize on chances to play two rounds, we do have a lot of people who come from out of town Due to the extreme flexibility of scheduling. Have fun and best of luck

Let the Dueling Begin!!! This is a safe format to play Disc Golf competitively that doesn’t crowd our course and limits groups to just 2 (You and your Opponent). This is a DOUBLE ELIMINATION BRACKET CHALLENGE and the scores as MATCH PLAY providing a fair opportunity for all skill levels. If you’re not Familiar with Match Play
“ A player wins a hole by completing the hole in fewer throws than their opponent. The player who won the hole receives a score of 1. The other player receives no score, which can be indicated by a dash. If the two players complete the hole with the same number of throws, the hole is halved, and neither player receives a score. “ this means the most you can lose on a hole is 1. Once the Bracket is released or updated you touch base with your opponent to set up a tee time, in the first few rounds you have two days to play. Once the match is over the Winner will Report the results to Bandito Disc Golf and the bracket will update.


If you do not pay into the Ace fund, You will not receive the ace fund if you throw an Ace ****
- Cash Payout as Always
- Money paid is a spot taken, Only the first 32 can participate

Refund policy

Bandito Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.