Lost Plantation Charity Open Presented by Latitude 64 (GDG $5K/$10K event)

PDGA logoSaturday, June 5, 2021 at Lost Plantation Golf Club in Rincon, Georgia
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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**Welcome to the 2021 Lost Plantation Charity Open Presented by Latitude 64!** Our event is benefiting **CU ... more
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Chris Hannigan    Sticky May 19 at 4:55pm

2021 Lost Plantation Charity Open Course Map now available! Learn about the course, meet the children you're playing for, and start studying up!


Craig Wrenn   May 31 at 2:10pm

Is there a drop zone for #14b and #18?

Chris Hannigan   May 31 at 5:50pm

14b long has drop at red pad. 18 no drop.

Craig Wrenn   June 1 at 12:52pm

Thank you.

Chris sutton    June 4 at 1:08pm

Chris, Tiffany and I are not going to make it. Can you please free up out spots. Was really looking forward to making it back out to lost plantation this year, but work had other ideas. I hope you have a sucessful event. Thanks again for putting this event together.

Chris Hannigan   June 4 at 7:14pm

Thx Chris. I sent you guys a refund

Luke Carroll    June 2 at 10:24pm

I have to withdraw unfortunately. How do I go about this with refund and such? Sorry for last minute, works needs me

Chris Hannigan   June 2 at 11:09pm

No problem

David Gregg    June 2 at 7:41pm

Chris Can I move to MA40, no big deal if you cant.

Chris Hannigan   June 2 at 8:15pm


David Gregg   June 2 at 8:54pm

Thanks Chris.

Ken Hogarth McCullough    June 2 at 2:24am

Anybody interested in buying into pyrohyzer for this tourney? How do we do that? I’m already playing, might as well throw in my pyro tag


Rich johnson    June 1 at 11:07pm

Will latitude has disc up there for sale?

Chris Hannigan   June 2 at 11:38am

Wicked Aces Disc Golf will be our on-site vendor this year! They'll have a wide selection of discs and merch for ya!

Craig Wrenn    May 31 at 2:10pm

Will the grill at the club be serving food?

Chris Hannigan   May 31 at 5:49pm


Wesley Shepherd    May 24 at 8:42pm

If able I’d like to move from ma2 to ma3 please

Chris Hannigan   May 27 at 2:11am


Craig Page    May 21 at 2:15am

Hey Chris, I’m waitlisted but if I get in can I bump down to ma4?

Chris Hannigan   May 21 at 12:06pm

I'll update the registration for ya!

Craig Page   May 22 at 5:53pm

Sweet thanks bro!

Adam Nohl    May 20 at 5:06pm

Hello! I have a few questions- which divisions will be playing long/short layout? (I'm MA2) Also, is the course dog friendly? Thanks!

Chris Hannigan   May 21 at 12:05pm

Hey Adam, here are the assignments:

Chris Hannigan   May 21 at 12:05pm

Open - LONG, LONG Advanced - LONG, LONG Advanced Women - LONG, SHORT Amateur 40+ - LONG, SHORT Amateur 50+ - SHORT, SHORT Intermediate - LONG, SHORT Intermediate Women - SHORT, SHORT Recreational - SHORT, SHORT Novice - SHORT, SHORT

Adam Nohl    May 17 at 7:46pm

Hello! If it's okay, can I please be moved to MA2? Thanks!

Chris Hannigan   May 17 at 8:09pm


Gerald Riner    May 12 at 1:54pm

Can you please move me to MA3? Thanks

Chris Hannigan   May 12 at 5:13pm


Chris Aubrey    May 11 at 4:03pm

I have to withdraw from the tournament ???? What will I have to do for a refund?

Chris Hannigan   May 11 at 4:24pm

Refunded! We'll miss ya!

James Hill    May 5 at 6:53pm

When will the course be set up for practice? Or is the day before the only day available to practice?

Chris Hannigan   May 6 at 6:13pm

The course is going to be set up Friday morning and available for play after 1.

Chris Hannigan    April 30 at 3:15pm

Trophies have been ordered. Available divisions are now locked. Players may still move divisions but no new divisions will be opened.


Gregory Lachowsky    April 30 at 2:08am

Can I be moved up to ma2?

Chris Hannigan   April 30 at 2:25am

Sure can!

Ken Hogarth McCullough    April 29 at 1:56pm

I was moved from waitlist to playing - but dont recall paying the fee (outside of waitlist fee). Just want to make sure I'm good to go......

Chris Hannigan   April 29 at 2:34pm

Hey Ken! You should have received an email with info about how to update your registration and settle up. I'll try to send you another one just in case!

Matthew Bealka    April 19 at 12:43am

Refund request sent. I'll be out of the state for the first half of June.

Chris Hannigan   April 19 at 3:54pm

Refunded! We'll miss ya!

Jacob Shepherd    April 17 at 10:32pm

If possible, can I move from MA1 to MA2 please without going to the waitlist. Thanks in advance

Chris Hannigan   April 18 at 6:43pm

I'm going to finalize the layouts and divisions this week. MA2 has a waitlist at the moment but once we open up more spots, I may be able to move ya. I'll report back.

Chris Hannigan   April 23 at 7:21pm

Hey Jacob, it didn't work out. The only way to move divisions would be to swap with someone or hop on the waitlist for that division. It's due to a limitation of carts.

Chris Hannigan   April 26 at 5:37pm

We were able to acquire some more carts for the event so divisional caps have been lifted. Still wanna move to MA2?

Bobby Bender    April 10 at 11:38am

Can I please move from MA4 to MA3?

Chris Hannigan   April 10 at 11:54am

I can move you but you will join the waitlist for that division. There are three people already waiting to get into MA3. We are probably going to open up more spots soon so I don't think it'll be an issue but just want to be aware. Let me know what you think

Bobby Bender   April 10 at 3:18pm

I’ll stay in novice for now. Thank you

Chris Hannigan   April 26 at 5:37pm

We were able to acquire some more carts for the event so divisional caps have been lifted. Still wanna move to MA3?