Little Egypt DG for Fun for the Annular Eclipse

Saturday, October 14, 2023 at Little Egypt Geological Site - Temp Course in Hankseville , Utah
Disc golf singles tournament

Little Egypt DG for Fun for the Annular Eclipse graphic

About this tournament

Disc Golf at Little Egypt for the Annular Eclipse on Oct 14. The Eclipse take place between 9:00am-11:59am. Have 7 to 8 baskets arranged to make a Very Cool 18 hole layout in the Goblins (Similar to Goblin Valley but better for DG). We have played out hear for a few years and have a Great layout playing most basket location 3 times. Baskets set up in a circle so you play Clockwise, Counterclockwise, then kind of a Star pattern. You end up back at the parking lot about every 6 holes.

This is a For Fun Event so anyone can come play. The course will be set up at least Friday to Sunday. We are camping nearby. Likely a Singles/Dubs round will happen just after the Eclipse and then a Sunset Round of some type.

Little Egypt Geological Site is on most maps/goggle.The turn off is at MP20 on Highway 95 south of Hanksville. Turn right (west) onto the dirt road follow the main road for about a mile or so. If you look over bye the base of the mesa you can see the Pyramid kinda thing that give it the name. The course is about a half a mile south it. Looks for the Sign Little Egypt Geological Site on the right and you are there! Large parking area however the entire area is very exposed, Wind can be an issue!!! So hope for calm clear condition for Saturday and it should be a blast. As you can see Night golf may Happen Too.

If you are interested in coming down say something in the Comments so I can get a better Idea of Who and how many might come down.

This info is for Little Egypt and Times are UTC so Subtract 6 Hours.

38° 04' 47.86" N <—> 38.07996°
4m 28.6s (annular solar eclipse)
4m 18.2s (lunar limb corrected)

110° 37' 41.58" W <—> -110.62822°
Antumbral depth : 65.12% (66.9km)
Antumbral depth : 35.8km (22.3mi)
Path width : 205.4km (127.6mi)
Obscuration : 89.366%
Magnitude at maximum : 0.96314
Moon/Sun size ratio : 0.94534
Antumb. vel. : 1.338km/s (2992 mph)
Event (ΔT=69.1s) Date Time (UT) Alt Azi P V LC
Start of partial eclipse (C1) : 2023/10/14 15:09:57.0 +17.8° 116.2° 308° 12.2
Start of annular eclipse (C2) : 2023/10/14 16:28:21.0 +30.5° 132.3° 291° 01.0
Maximum eclipse (MAX) : 2023/10/14 16:30:35.4 +30.9° 132.8° 221° 03.4
End of annular eclipse (C3) : 2023/10/14 16:32:49.7 +31.2° 133.4° 152° 05.8
End of partial eclipse (C4) : 2023/10/14 17:59:44.9 +41.0° 157.2° 133° 07.0
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