Lake County Trailblazer Driven by Innova - Am Weekend

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 29-30, 2022 at Palmetto Point Park in Eustis, Florida
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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AMATEUR WEEKEND This year the Trailblazer is being split into two weekends, an Amateur Weekend and Pro/Advanc ... more
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Matt Knight    Sticky October 28 at 2:44am

Please See the Caddy Book and/or pictures tab on disc golf scene for proper layout changes on Holes 16&17 for Lake Hawk. There will also be signage on the course.


Michael Harrison    October 31 at 12:57pm

Was wondering if you won a CTP how would you collect. I am not sure if I won but only one group behind me when I got the closest -MA 50 --just now thought about it--LOL

Matt Knight   October 31 at 1:12pm

We have uploaded the winners to the "Pictures" tab on this page. We will be sending out PayPal payments to those who won today.

Michael Harrison   October 31 at 6:01pm

Thanks for the info--what a great tourney and so well run--thanks a lot.

Kyle Denman    October 31 at 12:35am

When will we be receiving payouts?

Matt Knight   October 31 at 12:22pm

You should be receiving emails with Payouts by Wednesday.

Matt Knight    October 30 at 11:53am

C-Pool players need to recheck their starting holes for Round 3. There were changes made this morning.


Matt Knight    October 30 at 11:37am

Raffle winners posted in Pictures section. Over $2000 dollars in prizes!!


Michael Harrison    October 30 at 1:56am

Can you still get in the raffle and can you use venmo or do you need cash--I got in initially but was wanting to get more spots/tickets if it is still available


Samantha M    October 29 at 4:37pm

Round 2 Tee Times: MA2 & MA3 2:30 PM
C-POOL 2:35 PM

Samantha M   October 29 at 4:40pm

Starting holes will be posted soon

Samantha M    October 29 at 12:13am

Starting holes are now posted! Please be sure to double check tomorrow morning in case we have any overnight withdrawals that would require a change!


Bryan sanetti    October 28 at 11:47pm

I know it's late but can I still sign up for ma40?

Samantha M   October 29 at 12:25am

Emailed you

Chase Rivera    October 28 at 11:12pm

When will the email go out about starting hole assignments?

Samantha M   October 29 at 12:25am

Posted on PDGA site

Gregory Bagent    October 28 at 10:41pm

What time will the starting holes be posted. Thanks

Samantha M   October 29 at 12:25am


Johnny O    October 28 at 8:57pm

If we don't get our players pack and sign in during the flex start are we expected to go there before our round starts on Sat even if we aren't playing that course
Asking for a friend

Shelley Carden   October 28 at 10:51pm

Samantha posted this on a comment below;. if you cannot make Early Check-In tomorrow, we will have the remaining players packs at your starting course for check-in on Saturday morning.

Samantha M   October 28 at 11:05pm

Right! Your players packs will be at your starting course!

Johnny O   October 28 at 11:53pm

Thank you

Mark Lagerquist    October 28 at 3:34pm

Are all three courses cart friendly?

Shelley Carden   October 28 at 4:35pm

I take my compact Zuca on all of them with no problem. Mostly just roots atat are the issue.

Mark Lagerquist   October 28 at 6:52pm

Thanks very much

Jeff Stanley    October 28 at 2:14am

Is it safe to assume that all divisions except MA2 and MA3 fall under C Pool for schedule purpose (i.e. MA50 starts at Lake Hawk Saturday morning)?

Samantha M   October 28 at 2:37am

Correct, the pool breakdown is also listed on the "Registered Players" tab.

Matthew Fife    October 28 at 1:42am

Hey Samantha- sorry if this is an obvious answer. We don’t have to come to GG first right? Can we pick up our stuff on Sunday for pool c?

Samantha M   October 28 at 2:35am

Yes, if you cannot make Early Check-In tomorrow, we will have the remaining players packs at your starting course for check-in on Saturday morning.

Ryan Callahan    October 28 at 1:23am

I had a question about the changes for hole 16 and 17 for lakehawk. On the stickied comment it was stated that all divisions playing white-gold would play 16 and 17 blue-red. For MA2 we are playing white-gold, and on 16 it lists us playing blue-red. However on 17 it lists us playing blue-gold. I just wanted to get clarification on the correct layout for us on 17. Thanks!

Matt Knight   October 28 at 2:42am

Sorry for the confusion. The signage on the course, the picture on disc golf scene, and in the caddy book show the correct layouts. I inadvertently change a couple from the original post without realizing. Please go by the Caddy Book and the signs that will be posted on the course.

Ryan Callahan   October 28 at 3:10am

Got it. Thanks Matt!

Matthew McGuirk    October 28 at 1:20am

Which course is check-in and player pack pick-up going to be at?

Samantha M   October 28 at 2:58am

Friday Early Check-in is at the Green Gauntlet. If you cannot make it Friday, you will check in and get your players pack at your starting course before round one. Sorry if I misread your question.

Matthew McGuirk   October 29 at 12:02am

That answered it, thanks!

Joey Shook    October 27 at 3:00pm

Any timeline on when starting holes will be posted for the first round on Saturday?

Matt Knight   October 27 at 3:24pm

We will most likely have them up on the PDGA site by Friday evening, but we always encourage players to check in the morning once they arrive at the course in case there were any changes made.

Joey Shook   October 27 at 3:24pm

awesome. thanks!

Walt Guttinger    October 27 at 2:49pm

REWARD- Lost a champion Aero on 16 yesterday. Aero was not commonly made in champion plastic, and this is one I'd really like to get back. Green see-through plastic with black factory stamp. Please text or call if found 904 392 4466, Thanks!


Shelley Carden    October 27 at 2:37am

If you picked up a green handled disc retriever from Lake Hawk this week, would you kindly give it to one of the TDs please, I would love to have it returned. Tia

Shelley Carden   October 29 at 11:52pm

My quick stick has been returned, much appreciated.