INDOOR DISC GOLF EXPERIENCE - Singles Ace Race - Brookfield - Driven by Innova - Meet Barsby

Friday, January 15, 2021 at Brookfield Soccer Complex in Brookfield, Wisconsin
Disc golf singles tournament

INDOOR DISC GOLF EXPERIENCE - Singles Ace Race - Brookfield - Driven by Innova - Meet Barsby graphic

About this tournament

We are happy to announce the Indoor Disc Golf Experience in Brookfield
Friday night at 10pm - 12:30am Singles

Registered players will get one custom event stamp Innova Putter, Innova Gaiter (neck Buff), Zing Mini and Event sticker with your registration.

Due to COVID we are trying to eliminate some of the gatherings (Hence the tee-times) and are asking players to leave after their round is complete. This is also why we are shipping any trophy winners after the event.
Scores will be posted online.

Mask: must be worn inside.
After you tee off as a group make a decision and be respectful of people choices while playing.

This will be a regular Ace Race style event where you get 2 shots for points on each hole.

Players may form their own groups of 6. If you don't have a full Group we will group players together. Please try to keep to groups of people you interact with regularly.

Metal hits 1 point
Chains 2 points
ACE 3 points

Winner of each division is the highest point total. Winners are competing only for trophies this year . . . no additional payouts will be awarded. That is also why we upped the player pack to a custom stamped disc this year so everyone gets some value out of the event. Come play INDOORS for fun and bragging rights in the middle of winter!

Advanced Over 920 Rated
Recreational Under 920 Rated
Juniors 15 or under
Wom. Advanced over 800 Rated
Wom. Recreational under 800 Rated

If players can not be present for Trophies you may have a friend grab your trophy or have it shipped after the event.
You may have a friend claim your raffle items also.
Note we no not ship anything but trophies after the event.

Check in NO EARLIER THAN 20 minutes prior to your tee-time unless you are registered for the clinic.

Featured guest: Gregg Barsby

Vendors will be on site so you can load up for the 2021 season.

If you're interested in a long sleeve or hoodie please check if your size is available during your online registration. Pricing of these items at the event will be $2 more than if you pay for them during registration. You will be unable to order these items approximately 2 weeks prior because we need to get them ordered and printed.

The event logo will be printed on these items.

Refund policy

Visual Eclipse Productions LLC is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

100% of your ENTRY FEE AND ANY ADD-ONS through December 24th.

100% of your ENTRY FEE from December 25th through January 8th. Any ADD-ONS ordered will not be refunded but will be available for pickup through Jeff Showers at the event or afterwards. If you need it mailed out you will be responsible for shipping costs.

100% of your ENTRY FEE from January 9th through January 15th IF and ONLY IF your spot gets claimed by another entry from the waitlist.

No Refund will be offered if you withdraw inside of 48 hours before the event OR if you do not contact the Tournament Director by phone or email. Please do the courteous thing and at least let us know if you cannot make it to the event for any reason.



Final Results

1Garrett McCanna40.00
2Joseph De Gail38.00
3Brandon Theriault35.00
3Chee Vang35.00
5Scott Bauer33.00
5Scott Bauwen33.00
7Gunther Procknow32.00
8Jake Zehren31.00
9Brian McMillan29.00
9Ger Thao29.00
9Ryan Beatty29.00
9Stephen Kolsch29.00
13Brandon Hainstock28.00
14Bronson Halmstad27.00
14Ric Ludwig27.00
16Corey LaFleur25.00
16Dave "Redbeard" Brown25.00
16John Dorn25.00
16Philip Malko25.00
16Steven Gessert25.00
21Nick Gill24.00
22Henry Steiner22.00
22Joe Multerer22.00
22John Roundhouse Luetzow22.00
25Jacob Braatz21.00
26Mitchell Wisnefske20.00
27Jeromy Morgan19.00
28Clinton Groves18.00
28Tyler Rudolph18.00
30Matt Juedes17.00
31Jason Patterson16.00
32Timothy Jensen11.00
33Erik Salazar
33Jeffron Noel
33Keeb Lor
33Michael Lara
Advanced Women
1Barrett White
1Shawn Ramsey
Junior 15
1Samual Mulvaine15.00
2Liam Hainstock8.00
3Payton Kolsch1.00
Recreational Women
1Bobbie Lewis14.00
1Leah VandenBranden14.00
3Angie Teresi13.00
3Taylour Root13.00
5Samantha Thomas12.00
6Elizabeth Peters11.00
6Gina Fillo11.00
6Tina Buckley11.00
9Abigail Myers10.00
10Becca Van Lieahout7.00
10Nicole Lewis7.00
12Ashley Hunt6.00
13Nichol Harmon4.00
14Ashley Gareiss3.00
1Steven Schinderle39.00
2Mike Jung35.00
3Bill Tucholka34.00
4Ryan Watson30.00
4Tony McCord30.00
6Sean O'Brien29.00
7Ben Lewis28.00
7Jason Porter28.00
9Scott Rajski27.00
10Brian Stork26.00
11Cody J Cagle25.00
11Logan Eckes25.00
11Matt Hugasian25.00
11Matthew Hoppensteadt25.00
11Michael Stark25.00
11Patrick Stark25.00
11Richard Mccord25.00
18Nick Schmitt24.00
19Justin Anderson23.00
20Jeremiah Shafer22.00
20Miguel Mares22.00
20Richard Klein22.00
23Brett Schommer21.00
25Colin Becker20.00
25Jack Long20.00
25Jon Post20.00
25Ken Ritt20.00
25Mike Marshall20.00
25Sam Mulvaine20.00
25Will Smith20.00
32Anthony Cervantes19.00
32Ben Nimz19.00
34Alex Adamson18.00
34David Neitman18.00
34Javier Mares18.00
34Marc Benoit18.00
34Ryan Johnson18.00
39Al Gilgenbach17.00
39Don Johnson17.00
39John Zehren17.00
39Kevin Arriaga17.00
39Nicholas Betts17.00
39Thomas Anditon17.00
45Adam Orlowski16.00
45Dan Eberhard16.00
45Justin Saxby16.00
45Kevin Buckley16.00
45Misael Vasquez16.00
45Noah Lubeck16.00
51Brendon Guetzkow15.00
51Keaton Nager15.00
51Lucas Buss15.00
54Brandon Jones14.00
54Jacob Edwards14.00
54Zeke Salazar14.00
57Adam Bartz13.00
57Austin Siems13.00
57Cristian Ewing13.00
57Peter Berry13.00
57Tucker Balisteri13.00
62Brandon Otto12.00
62Jacob Szymanski12.00
62Tyler Garcia12.00
66Adam Dominguez11.00
66Eli Hoefler11.00
66Jordan Tucholka11.00
66Nick Meadors11.00
66Ryan Snead11.00
66Tyler Anderson11.00
72Jacob Peterson10.00
72Jordan Osorio10.00
72Sam Martinson10.00
75Adam Carruthers9.00
75Chris Gaza9.00
75Jake Sampe9.00
78Buran Huseini8.00
78Kevin Crisp8.00
78Mike Elmer8.00
81Lorenzo Wabanimkee7.00
81Mark Wasileski7.00
81Zachary Eidsor7.00
84Mike Berry6.00
84Tanner Nierenhausen6.00
86Roberto Serrano5.00
86Tim Woodworth5.00
86Wayne Coates5.00
90Erik Bies4.00
91Sam Zakovich1.00
92Chris Meidenbauer
92Dan Johnson
92Dean Grimm
92Heather Wehling
92Ibzan Monteagudo
92Jake Olejnik
92James Betts
92Kyle Malin
92Max Siewert
92Paul C "propanepaul" Schmidt
92Ryan Earz DeHahn
92Shawn Gareiss
92Trenton Lawrence
106Jordan Carr
106Joshua"Jack" Bies
1Gregg Barsby31.00