Hollows 2020 Points Series League Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at The Hollows North in Manchester, New Hampshire
Disc golf singles tournament

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League DirectorBILL BRUCE
Ass't. League DirectorKeith Martin

About this tournament

Hello Everyone, ****Covid Changes*****

The Start of League is delayed through May. Details to come when they become available - thank you -

League Directors: Bill Bruce and Norma Bruce

This will be apoints series league . We will have 3 divisions to get started. There will be a women's division as well as a mens advanced and intermediate division. Players will play in a mixed grouping but points will be kept separate. You wiil receive 1 point for each player you beat each week . Points will be added up for each player every week on the league site .

Sign in Time: We will be at the course at 4:00 each week to sign players in. Players will begin the round anytime between 4:00pm andt 5:30pm. Please be on time so we can get the round started on time each week.

In usual tradition we will offer an Ace pot and CTP each week. Ace pots will be carried forward until hit or until a capped amount is reached. Any new player to this league joining when there is an Ace Pot over $250.00 will pay $10.00 Fee to join in the current Ace Pot. This will be equal to have been contributing right along to the Ace Pot. CTP donations are always welcome. If an ace is hit during league play the player will receive a bonus of 25 points to be added to their points series scores.

We encourage good attendance, so if you are lucky enough to have perfect attendance record for the season you will receive a bonus of 25 points to be added to your points score at end of season.

Your entry fee of $35.00 will be used for end of season payout awards and for a season ending get together at the park.

From time to time we will organize clean up days to help keep our course clean and in great shape . Your help keeping the course clean will be much appreciated. If you see trash please try to pick it up. This is our course and we are the caretakers. Thank you in advance for all you do.

Breakin Chains Disc Golf will be the league sponsor and will be helping out with end of year awards as well as adding a few extra CTPs from time to time. Let's have a great season and welcome all new players to the disc golf community .

Refund policy

Queen City Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.