Heritage Amateur Classic presented by Tri-Fly Disc Golf

PDGA logoSat-Sun, October 16-17, 2021 at Plantation Heritage Park in Plantation, Florida
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Miranda Dyer    October 14 at 3:51pm

Hello! Any update on which basket will be played on hole 8? Specifically in regard to FA2. Thank you!

Melissa Schneider   October 14 at 4:20pm

Short basket on 8. We will be covering the long basket.

Lorin Van Wie    October 13 at 6:49pm

I hate to say it but I have to withdraw from this event. I couldn’t get Saturday of work after it was rescheduled. I’d like to request a refund, thank you and good luck everyone!


Morgan Lynds    October 11 at 1:07am

Can you give an estimated time for FA1 tee time?

Melissa Schneider   October 11 at 1:11pm

Somewhere between 11 & 1130. stick people adding a dropping. Final Tee Times will be posted Thursday Night.

Melissa Schneider   October 11 at 1:11pm

*Still (not stick)

Melissa Schneider   October 11 at 5:20pm

So I looked at my time chart and it will be closer to 1038 actually

Mark Brodsky    October 9 at 9:30pm

Ma 50


Mark Brodsky    October 9 at 9:29pm



Mark Brodsky    October 9 at 12:25pm

Hello, do you have an idea of when the tee off time will be?

Melissa Schneider   October 9 at 5:13pm

Tee times will be posted Thursday Night. I'm not with my computer at the moment to check, but I could give a time frame that particular divisions will be teeing off when I get back to it. I just can't say tee times for individuals, just yet.

David Rodriguez    October 8 at 1:52am

Is MA3 doing both days or just Sunday?

Melissa Schneider   October 8 at 2:31am

Both days. 1 round per day.

Larry Lettie    October 6 at 11:27am

Need to drop. Please issue refund.


John Foster    October 5 at 9:34pm

Hi Melissa, would it be possible to move from MA 40 to MA 50?

Melissa Schneider   October 5 at 11:20pm

got it!

John Foster   October 13 at 12:35am

Thank you. Looking forward to a great tournament!

Rick Bates    October 3 at 4:22am

Am I registered twice???

Melissa Schneider   October 3 at 1:17pm

Hi Rick, I just went through all the history. And one of the registrations is from the refunded registration. I guess you weren't removed from the registration when you were refunded on Aug 23.

Rick Bates   October 3 at 3:38pm

Ok, I see my second registration just got bumped up from the wait list so I confirmed it. Thanks!

RedBean Blaize    October 2 at 12:06am

Can you please move me from the wait list on +60 division to the MA2 division ?

Melissa Schneider   October 2 at 12:54am


RedBean Blaize   October 2 at 1:20am


David Espinosa    September 29 at 11:25am

I won’t be able to play both days due to work. I have to withdraw from this event, please issue me a refund. Thank you.


Justin Kowalski    September 29 at 2:26am

Need a refund not going to be able to make this event thanks

Melissa Schneider   September 29 at 3:34pm

Hi, Justin. You dropped out and were refunded on August 16.

Melissa Schneider   September 29 at 3:42pm

Actually, you were refunded Aug 16th, but we forgot to remove you from the active list. It's all taken care of now.

Tyler Bishop    September 17 at 3:08pm

Need to drop. Please issue refund.


John villoria    August 26 at 12:53am

I need to drop playing in Ocala that weekend . I will need to request a refund. Thank you


Jack Braden    August 25 at 11:02pm

I will have to withdraw I will be out of town that weekend. Please process refund.


Sean Harrison    August 25 at 3:23pm

I need a refund please and thank you this date is the same as another tournament


Mandy Sierra    August 20 at 11:17pm

Will need a refund....Oct wont work for me....Thanks


Francisco Merino    August 19 at 10:35am

I have to request a refund. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend the event.

Earl Young   August 19 at 5:28pm

refunds start monday

Earl Young    August 19 at 1:53am

MAN DOWN!!! Melissa Schneider, your TD for the Heritage Amateur Classic, is in the hospital with Pneumonia brought on from COVID 19. She is on oxygen and stable. We are in touch daily with Melissa and she is bored and ready to come home! We are hopeful she will be out of the hospital and home soon.
As COVID-19 cases continue to grow in South Florida, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to keep us all safely throwing dis ... more