Gentlemen's Club Challenge Presented by - Am Weekend

PDGA logoSat-Sun, February 16-17, 2013 at Sunset Park in Las Vegas, Nevada
Amateur-only A-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament


Gentlemen's Club Challenge Presented by - Am Weekend graphic

About this tournament

General Event Information:
Two day event! 27 holes per day via tee time. Average distance expected to exceed 325 feet per hole. Four new baskets installed at Sunset. Will likely include an island hole.

Ace Pool:
$100 Longest Ace each round (and fee already taken from your base entry).

Payback Goals:
150% event value last year (including player packages and trophies). $2,500 value added last year. $35 player's package last year.

$2,500 added by Disc Golf Values via 200 double-stamped metal minis, Many fund-raiser discs available at (our title sponsor)! Innova-centric event. $2,000 added by Innova/DGV via CFR sales (pays for another 150 double-stamped metal minis). $4,500 added via special CFR-centric sales (250 2013 GCC "Girly" hot-stamped Roc3s...100 sold via in one hour on 1/11/13, 200 calendars for Ams, 30 cotton polos, and 2 sport baskets). $1,500 added by Innova/LVDGC via INNColor sales (the "Vintage" version is going fast). $1,250 added by Innova/LVDGC via CFR Glow sales. $1,700 added by Innova/LVDGC via local hot-stamp sales (100 TFR Metal Flakes; 100 TFR JK, KC, and Ontarios; 100 Extra Star; 100 Extra Champ; and 100 Blizzard). $1,000 added by Innova/LVDGC via Diamond Support sales. $500 added by huk lab. Hundreds added from $5 non-LVDGC fees (as of 1/12/13, up to $475). $40 added by Jeff Jacquart via Tee Sign. $40 added by Keith Johnson via Tee Sign. $40 added by Jim Oates/Final 9 Sports via Tee Sign. $40 added by David "Toad" Neff via Tee Sign. $40 added by Kimmy & Jay Jones via Tee Sign. $100 added by Pete Johnson via Bronze sponsorship. $40 added by Dave "Go Big E" Johnson. $25 added by Sunday PDGA Leagues and $40 added by Brett Thompson. More to come...

Casual Merchandise Sales:
Various disc golf companies are sponsoring the GCC for the right to sell merchandise at the event. Anyone else caught selling merchandise at the event without permission from the TD will be disqualified from the tournament.

Host Hotel:
Host hotel is La Quinta Inn & Suites, Airport South (see picture).

Closing of On-Line Sign-Ups:
On-line sign-ups close at Midnight (Vegas time) on 2/13/13 for Am Weekend.

Refund Policy:
Full refund if TD notified by 2/1/13. 50% refund if TD notified after 2/1/13 and by 2/8/13. No refund if TD notified after 2/8/13.

System Corrections:
If 2013 LVDGC member, will receive $5 back at check-in for entry and $5 back for each INNColor purchased since these deductions may not have been permitted by the on-line sign-up application.

Refund policy