GRDGC 24th Ice Bowl

Sunday, February 10, 2019 at Monroe Community College in Rochester, New York
Disc golf singles tournament


GRDGC 24th Ice Bowl graphic


Tournament DirectorMike Herzog
Asst. TDJohn Alloco
Wonder WomanSherry Herzog

About this tournament

This is Rochester's 24th Ice bowl. Come show our community how supportive Rochester discgolfers are to their neighbors by bringing canned goods and mulligans, and maybe a new golfer, to shoot the lowest score in your the ratings based divisions per current PDGA ratings. There are (6) divisions. This is a non-sanctioned event so fun is a priority. Anyone caught not having fun owes the tournament director a frothy ale.

**CHANGE IN FORMAT TO ONE ROUND _ UNLIMITED MULLIGANS- DISREGARD PREVIOUS FORMAT-. Hoping to encourage some Syracuse and Buffalo folks to make the trip and still get home at a decent time to enjoy your Sunday evening after being an angel of charity.

"Trophy only" custom stamp disc for each division winner & bag tag to 3rd place. Towels, and minis for fourth and fifth place. Raffles, 50/5, CTP's and event discs for sale at registration and day of tournament.

This is a rain or shine or blizzard whimps, no whiners. Charity and goodwill doesn't take a day off in Rochester folks... Lunch will be served in the glorious Bill Gray's Ice complex between rounds. Entry gets a $5 voucher for what ever Bill Gray's is serving. Bill Gray's will also take 15% of you bill and donate that to Foodlink of Rochester. They have been serving the Rochester area for over 40 years. Lets go Ra cha cha, get signed up. Thank you.

Refund policy

Greater Rochester Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancelations.



Final Results

Gold [rating 970+]
1Carson Reber404051.00
2Mike Herzog404037.00
3Steve Apton454563.00
4Hey, It's Rick Watkins464645.00
5The Traubdor464614.00
6Jim Eagan474724.00
7Sam Border50505.00
8Nate Mirizio525222.00
9Dan Brooks-Wells5555
White [rating <935]
1Jordan Stark474732.00
2Kyle Eagan474730.00
3Jake, from State Farm474720.00
4Adam Brennan515137.00
5Eric Basile525214.00
6John Frank525213.00
7Brad Lash535320.00
8Melynda Apton535313.00
9Kyle Walker53536.00
10Dan Dancoe545463.00
11Matt Coultas545423.00
12Steve Hopkins545422.00
13Jake Sutherland545417.00
14Todd Beishline545413.00
15Robert Miller55556.00
16Chris Fuitko56564.00
17Timothy Platt585824.00
18Conor McKegger58585.00
19Chris Frank606013.00
20Todd Hoeltke606011.00
21Rob DeMarco636312.00
22Zack Lane64649.00
23Sam Giovino65655.00
Red [rating <900]
1Kyle Lieberman454510.00
2Jimmy Pilkenton464640.00
3Brett Goheen474755.00
4Kyle Edwards474737.00
5Mark Maue515180.00
6Robert Hazen515122.00
7Dave Copp535313.00
8Dan Fuhrman545423.00
9Cory Leeson545416.00
10Anthony LaRocca555514.00
11William Hesse585817.00
12Aaron Boci61618.00
13Sam Sweazy62625.00
14Ryan Rose636311.00
15David Heschke636310.00
16Gary Carpentier64646.00
17Jared Davis65657.00
18Justin Spilberg676720.00
Green [rating <850]
1Michael Klock565630.00
2Tammy Shofner565612.00
3Pete Evinsky575747.00
4Jeff Drury575738.00
5Bruce Kaminsky575732.00
6Sherry Herzog595926.00
7Guy Falcon68686.00
8Maxwell's Silver Herzog70703.00
9Mark Parrish72725.00
10Brenden Klistch7272
11Logan Ellis82821.00
12Tyler Davis8585
13Connor Dempsey94943.00
Purple [rating <800]
1Karin Falcone717118.00
2Kris Winter737312.00
3Jeanne Johnson767618.00
4Elise Wilkin767618.00
5Brandy Deats77773.00
6Laureli Deats96968.00
7Shaylan Johnson1201201.00