G.L.W. Dec. 22, 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011 at Woodmansee Park in Salem, Oregon
Disc golf singles tournament


About this tournament


CCDG presents "G.L.W." twice monthly at Woodmansee park starting Feb. 17th at 6:30pm. "G.L.W." is a glow game featuring a LONE WOLF format. LONE WOLF is a game of points that combines team/doubles rules with a revolving order of players turn at the top of the box. Each player gets a number(#), that# is the order you will play in, the order cycles by the hole. Example; If your # is #2 you tee off first on hole #2, but last on hole #3, second to last on hole #4, and so on. If you are first to tee off on the hole, you have a choice to be a LONE WOLF on the hole, or pick a partner. If you are LONE WOLF and you win the hole you get 5 points, If you choose a partner, you and the partner win the hole(best ball) you each get 2 points. If you as LONE WOLF or you and your partner lose the hole, each of the players in the team(all other players at the hole) who also are playing best ball each get 1 point. To choose a partner you must pick only after they have thrown, but before the next player in order has thrown. The cards provided at players meeting will help you keep track of the order and score. Total points wins, winner takes all. The buy in is only $5. Bring glow discs, glow stix, lighted discs, baskets will be illuminated. This format keeps the group moving fast, so keep up. Good luck, see you out there.
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