Franklin County Junior Disc Golf Series - UF

Saturday, March 13, 2021 at UF in Louisburg, North Carolina
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

Players Packs WILL at least equal the Player Entry Fee for this event. A Custom Event Series Stamp Disc will b ... more
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Deron Webb    7 days ago

Good evening! I was wondering if possible that Manny Webb and Russel Daggett could be on the same card and tee time. We are travelling together for the tournament from Leland, NC. Thank you for your consideration.


Abel Boyd    February 4 at 4:33pm

When will the course be available for practice

Victoria Pruitt   February 8 at 11:51am

I apologize for the delay. You will receive information regarding how to practice the course via email by 8:00PM today (2/8/2021).

Eli Bear    January 31 at 3:04am

Is this sanctioned?

Victoria Pruitt   January 31 at 9:23pm

The event is non-sanctioned.

Deron Webb    January 28 at 3:35am

Could you tell me the name of the course or explain what the UF is?

Victoria Pruitt   January 28 at 11:48pm

Unity Farm is a private disc golf course in Franklin County near Louisburg and Bunn, NC. I will be releasing a course map and details in the next week. All registered players will receive the information via email.

Chance LeBron    January 24 at 5:02pm

When will the tournament info be posted?

Victoria Pruitt   January 25 at 12:36pm

Tournament information is being posted now. Please let me know if you have any questions.