End of the Trail Classic- B Tier 13k$ ADDED CASH- by: San Joaquin Valley College

PDGA logoSat-Sun, May 22-23, 2021 at Mooney Grove Park in Visalia, California
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

Due to the overwhelming response in registration we have opened up another 90 amature spots for a total of 180 ... more
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Andy Parkison    Sticky May 18 at 8:04pm


Hello Fellow Disc Golfers

Thanks for playing. I'll go over everything you'll need to know for the event and more!

So, I'll Just jump right in...

No Players Meeting before the round starts. This is your players meeting
I post all the course rules here and have them listed on each score card.
When you show up in the morning, before you event get out of the car, we will check you in and give you a rule sheet and 3 scorecards, one for each cour ... more


Andy Parkison    Sticky May 12 at 2:46pm

Your group will play Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 in this order, final 9 for MPO -MP40 -MA1.

Group A - Pros = Bartlett Park ,Innova Course, DGA Course
Group B - MA1 & MA40= DGA, Course Bartlett Park, Innova Course
Group C - MA2-MA50-MA60= Innova Course, DGA Course, Bartlett Park

Innova Course Baskets / Perry Championship
DGA Course Baskets / Perry Outback
Bartlett Park DGC / Bartlett Park in Porterville about 45 minutes from Mooney Grove.

If you want more details please read in the about tab or call me.

Drake Avila   May 12 at 5:31pm

Any more possible MPO spots available? I know it's super late notice but free that weekend now.

Michael Thatcher   May 20 at 6:01pm

Thank you

Andy Parkison    Sticky May 10 at 5:50pm

“...I’m pretty sure every park in California has people camping in them. I’d like to hear the reason a couple disc golfers can’t.”

So, I will.

Want to camp next to a pool Friday & Saturday night and clean up and leave Sunday morning.
Money will go towards food for the BBQ and adult refreshments.
*if you act a fool your privilege will be revoke
-Quite by 10pm
-you can make your reservation now at (559) 308-3938 whole space is still available.

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Andy Parkison   May 12 at 1:16am

bathroom, BBQ, table, close to down town. Teller Parky sent ya

Thom Shearer   May 17 at 5:13pm

I would like to reserve a spot for Friday night please.

Thom Shearer   May 17 at 5:14pm

Pay when I arrive?

janet brown    June 3 at 8:37pm

Refund request for Chris Brown.

Andy Parkison   June 3 at 8:58pm

Well, dang. Not sure how I missed this. I take care of that gentleman. Lets us 4 laugh about it over the dinner. Cheers

Andy Parkison   June 3 at 8:59pm

Not sure why that sounded Russian... you have been refunded.

janet brown   June 7 at 5:24pm

Yes, we need to hang out! Thanks

janet brown    May 24 at 5:14pm

Hey Andy, Brownie had to back out because our daughter's birthday. Can he get a refund?


Burton Rivera    May 24 at 5:51am

Andy, I had a blast!! Thank you! A most enjoyable weekend was had.


Austin Pettit    May 23 at 10:36pm

Thank you for a fun event.


Drake Avila    May 23 at 1:03am

Left behind a red swirly star kj nybo teebird on hole 9 barlett this morning. If someone grabbed it please let me know.

Burton Rivera   May 23 at 1:58pm

I hit you up on FB messenger

Andy Parkison    May 21 at 7:46pm

ACE POT $1,070.00 · 109 paid

Lee Yang   May 22 at 4:33am

What happens if no one hit it?

Chase Chamberlain   May 22 at 5:35am


Daniel Baker    May 21 at 2:37am

Where does it show starting hole?!

Willie Metcalf   May 21 at 2:45am

Locate your name. It to the left of that

Willie Metcalf    May 21 at 1:38am

Question for you Andy Parkison. Is it possible to switch a player on our card for another? 4 of us are traveling together from Orange county and 3 of us were lucky enough to get on the same card together buyt 1 unfortunately didn't make it. Were all playing Advanced(MA1). 3 of us are starting on hole 4 and the other on hole 1. Please let me know if this is workable. Thank you

Andy Parkison   May 21 at 2:11pm

Call me 559-799-8072

Jary Yang    May 21 at 12:38am

Hi Andy, I just got my PDGA membership today, but I signed up for the tournament when I wasn’t a member, and I was wondering since I just got it, would my results be recorded for this tournament on my PDGA account since I barely got it two days before the tournament? Sorry I’m not too sure how it works.


Roy Brincefiield    May 20 at 4:24pm

Anyone needing a place to stay????? Come & go as you pkease. Got plenty of room & can offer usage of "top of the line king size air mattress". Only 10 minutes from Bartlett Park. Free of charge & any consideration of any donation, please give it to "Andy Parkinson" to help out on lunch. Just mention "Roy". 672 N. Second St. Porterville, Ca (559)690-7145. Don't care about arrival time just please "text message" me ahead of time so I can set things up for you. Thanks, & good luck to all. "BANG BANG"

Chase Chamberlain   May 22 at 4:31am

This is aweome

Andy Parkison    May 20 at 3:26pm

*Rule Edit
Perry Championship Course
Tee from Long Pad. Road and beyond OB


Michael Thatcher    May 20 at 5:46am

Andy, where is starting hole GH 1 located for AM2?

Edge Dostal   May 20 at 7:24am

I am assuming that Ghost Hole 1 is hole 1 (second card).

Michael Thatcher   May 20 at 6:01pm

Thank you Edge

Andy Parkison   May 21 at 2:20pm

Edge is correct. Ghost card, hole 1. 2nd card to tee off on hole 1. Thanks Edge.

Andy Parkison    May 19 at 10:22pm

There will be a 6$ fee to enter each park.

Please have cash ready.


Logan Louk    May 19 at 2:11pm

Where do the ams meet up I still haven’t received any email either


Jeff Munsch    May 19 at 12:30pm

Hi Andy, do we have to check in at Mooney Groove first or can I just drive to Bartlett park to pick up score cards? Pros start at Bartlett park first right? Coming in from out of town so don't want to be late.

Andy Parkison   May 19 at 3:28pm

Go straight to Bartlett and be on your starting hole at 8:30 ready to play. I will check you in as you pull into the park and before you even pull into the park.

Jeff Munsch   May 19 at 7:29pm

Thank you see you soon

Andy Parkison    May 17 at 6:23pm

Rules for the End of the Trail (SJVC) Classic

Cement Is OB for the tournament
Perry Championship DGC

1 Road OB - 370

2 Mando right of tree drop zone is the old tee for 2. - 220

3 Double mando. Drop zone in between mandos. Cable and beyond OB 380

4 Cable and beyond. Road by basket plays as a river. - 355

5 Cable and beyond OB 345

6 Short tee pad. Cable and beyond OB. Road plays a ... more

Andy Parkison   May 18 at 2:05am

Perry Outback hole 3 *EDITED -Side of the hill plays as a OB. Play where it was last fair with a stroke Penalty. Sidewalk and beyond OB 255

Josh Draper    May 17 at 1:53pm

Won't be able to make it, refund requested. Good luck and have fun everyone

Andy Parkison   May 17 at 3:51pm

You have been refunded