PDGA sanctioned events scheduled after May 14, 2020 will be placed into "reserved" status with sanctioning pending local directives permitting organized, competitive sporting events to resume.

Spring Equinox at Expo Park

Sunday, June 7, 2020 at Exposition Park in Aurora, Colorado
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

This will be the 1st of many tournaments hosted by the Dragon DGC and 303discs.com this season. It will be an ... more
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Thomas Cox    Sticky May 13 at 9:59pm

Hey I'm new here. Looking to join my first tournament this year. What is waitlist. Also what's the best way to calculate my ranking score so I know what division to enter. Thanks!

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Thomas Cox   May 15 at 4:33pm


Brandon Nelon   May 15 at 6:34pm

I would recommend starting in Rec, MA3

Thomas Cox   May 16 at 5:40am

Thank you

Shawn Gower    2 days ago

Is this tournament still going on or postponed

Brandon Nelon   19 hours ago

We are waiting to see what the governor says on the 1st and make a decision from there. It is possible that it gets moved to the 21st.

John Reed   15 hours ago

Thanks, Brandon.

Nathan R.    May 19 at 7:42am

Hey Brandon, do you think the 7th is going to happen?

Brandon Nelon   May 19 at 1:44pm

It All depends on the county. I am thinking that's the 21st is the more likely date.

Dave Kauffman    May 12 at 8:20pm

Brandon, wondering if event will still try to go? If so what are my chances to enter for the mpo 50 division

Brandon Nelon   May 13 at 1:41pm

We are going to host it one way or another because players packs and trophies have been purchased. It may not be the 7th but we are working on a date. The waitlist is pretty big right now so I'm not sure about the waitlist.

Randy Ortiz    March 18 at 4:24am

Brandon, I won’t be able to make this tournament date due to me all ready scheduled to play
at the 9th Annual Drew Judycki Memorial In New Mexico on June 6-7th.
Sorry, but could I get a refund please? PayPal/[email redacted]

Brandon Nelon   March 18 at 1:31pm

Yes you can. Could you give me a day or 2? I need to deposit the cash back into the bank and transfer to paypal.

Nick Engleman    February 28 at 3:46pm

Hey Brandon. As much as I want to play this, I got to opt out of this tournament due to something that popped up that weekend. Can I get a refund please?


Brandon Nelon    January 27 at 2:42pm

I have linked it to the pdga site so it may take a day


Kevin Galloway    January 25 at 4:31am

Any idea why the PDGA website isn't updated?https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/44524


Brandon Nelon    January 23 at 3:24pm


ALL concrete and beyond, water and beyond, and property lines are OB on the entire course, unless specified differently on the hole by hole instructions.


HOLE 1- 645ft Par 4-PRO/AM- Crossing sidewalk is safe. Fairway line is OB.

HOLE 2- 282ft Par 3-PRO/AM- Crossing sidewalk is SAFE.

HOLE 3- 312ft Par 3-PRO/AM- Fairway line is OB.

HOLE 4- 506ft Par 4-PRO/AM- Multi-Island hole- If drive lands OB off the tee, proceed to DZ. An ... more


Michael Oswald    January 14 at 6:06pm

Any idea which disc company will be sponsoring?

Brandon Nelon   January 14 at 8:20pm

More than likely Discmania

Michael Oswald   January 15 at 5:24pm