Doubles at the Woods

Saturday, April 6, 2013 at Grand Woods Park in Lansing, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

Registered Players

20 players are registered out of 36 possible spots.
16 spots are available.
1 player is on the Waitlist.

General entry   0 registered

MCN   No Cash 0 registrants

MCY   Cash 0 registrants

GEN   General 0 registrants   ·   1 waitlisted

TD Q Waitlist #10218739

Pro divisions   4 registered

MPM   Master 0 registrants

MPG   Grandmaster 0 registrants

FPO   Open Women 0 registrants

Amateur divisions   16 registered

MM1   Advanced Master 0 registrants

MG1   Advanced Grandmaster 0 registrants

MA2   Intermediate 4 registrants

C J cretsinger/ mitch losey
Connor Gortsema46921
Danny Benda/Shawn Owens
Dutka Andy44391

MA4   Novice 1 registrant

Kevin Jason

FA1   Advanced Women 0 registrants

FA2   Intermediate Women 0 registrants

FA3   Recreational Women 0 registrants

FJ4   Junior IV - Girls 1 registrant

Team Wikipedia Appreciation Society41823
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