Dellwood Disc Golf's Clash at The Canyons V a DGPT Silver Series Event presented by Discmania

PDGA logoFri-Sun, July 2-4, 2021 at The Canyons in Lockport, Illinois
Pro-only A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Dellwood Disc Golf's Clash at The Canyons V a DGPT Silver Series Event presented by Discmania graphic
Added cash $15,000


Tournament DirectorSean Callahan
Tournament DirectorRyan Fancher
Tour DirectorJeff Spring

About this tournament

- Clash at The Canyons V -

Clash at The Canyons was established in 2017 as one of the first premier events at The Canyons. Clash has been played at The Canyons exclusively for the last four years. The tournament has experimented with layouts pushing the envelope year after year. The Clash XXL layout from the last two years has started to make a name for itself. This safari layout of some of the best available holes at UDisc’s #5 rated course in the World is sure to bring you the challenge you’re looking for. As TD and owner of the onsite Pro shop, Dellwood Disc Golf, Tournament Director Sean Callahan’s goal is to bridge the gap between the community and Top Tier disc golf events. We are excited to yet again bring you the stage and challenge of Clash at The Canyons. Join us July 4th Weekend 2021!

Clash at the Canyons V is a Pro Only A-tier at The Canyons at Dellwood Park on Friday, Saturday, Sunday July 2nd, 3rd and 4th

Clash will be a 3-day, 1 round per day event with tee times each day.

Early registration for touring Pros is available via Tour Pass sales via starting 12/10/20

Tiered and other registration open on 2/1/21 at 8:00pm EST (See Registration Schedule)

$15,000+ added cash across all Open divisions.

Divisions: MPO, FPO, MP50, MP40

Friday July 2nd: All Divisions will be playing the XXL layout
Saturday July 3rd: All Divisions will be playing the XXL layout
Sunday July 4th: All Divisions will be playing the XXL layout

Clash XXL: 13S B pin, 14L-15’s A pin safari, 16S B Pin, 17L , 18 A pin, 2L A Pin, 3L B Pin, 4S A pin, 5L, 6AL, 6E, 7L, 8L, 9L A-pin, 10L A pin, 11L B pin, 12S B pin, 1L
(Layout subject to change barring future course changes)

Pro Payouts will be sent electronically through DGPT.

Award ceremony for each division will take place approximately a half hour after the last card for your division is turned in for the day.

MPO: $150
FPO: $100
MP50: $150
MP40: $150

Divisional Caps are subject to change to accommodate waitlists.


Camp Bullfrog Lake- (30 mins away)
Legacy Adventure Park- (3 mins away)

Holiday Inn Express Lockport (10 mins away) 815-306-1200
Harrah's Casino and Hotel (10 mins away) 815-740-7800

You can also use the Metra lot for overnight parking. (there is no water or electrical hook up, this is for overnight parking only) Enter 13th Street off of State St. See attached photo, park in red highlighted area ONLY. Leave Player Credentials in dash.


Use Facebook Group "Greater Joliet Area Disc Golf Association" to find hosts.

FIREWORKS SHOW at Dellwood Park Saturday night.


Tee Sign Clash Am Weekend - One tee sign Am Weekend (June 19th and 20th)
Tee Sign Clash DGPT Pro Weekend - One tee sign DGPT Pro Weekend (July 2nd-4th)
Collector Row Am Weekend - You will be provided with two 6' tables to sell collector and rare discs at the Am Weekend Player Party Friday June 18th in Lockport.
Collector Row DGPT Pro Weekend - You will be provided with two 6' tables to sell collector and rare discs near Dellwood Disc Golf (July 2nd-4th)
Vendor DGPT Pro Weekend - 10'x10' area near hole 3 You will need to provide all of your own tables and tents etc. This will be outdoors, not under a tent or pavilion. (July 2nd-4th)


Volunteer your time at Clash at The Canyons V! We have many options to choose from.
Parking Lot Security, Crowd Control, Spotter or UDisc Live Scorekeeper. We may ask you to switch volunteer responsibilities depending on how many volunteers we have. All volunteers will receive a volunteer shirt, fanny pack, and your lunch will be paid for each day. All Volunteers are responsible for bringing their own chairs and umbrellas.


Level 1: $10 - Only a Spectator Pass (includes entry for Fri, Sat, Sun)
Level 2: $30 - Spectator Pass, Fanny Pack, Disc (Only 50 available)
Level 3: $55 - Spectator Pass, Fanny Pack, Disc, Shirt, Insulated Koozie (Only 50 available)
Level 4: $75 - Spectator Pass, Fanny Pack, Disc, Shirt, Insulated Koozie, Snapback Hat, Disc Golf Pin (Only 100 available)
All spectators are required to park in the main Dellwood parking lot off of Woods Dr. you WILL NOT be permitted to park near the pro shop or overflow parking on Dell Park Ave. If you do not pre-purchase a spectator pass you will be charged upon entry.

In the event of Covid-19 further restrictions or inclement weather will NOT result in a refund. In this case any spectator that purchased items will still receive them and pick them up at Dellwood Disc Golf after the event.

Refund policy

Dellwood Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


The Canyons
Lockport, IL   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at
1Terry Rothlisberger (TP)525452
1Dan Schlitter505751
3Chandler Fry535056
4Gannon Buhr545353
5Tim Barham (TP)575253
5Matt Bell495558
5Gavin Rathbun565254
5Ezra Robinson565551
9Connor O'Reilly (TP)565156
9Ezra Aderhold (TP)535852
11Brodie Smith (TP)515954
12Brian Earhart565455
13Trevor Harbolt585553
13Luke Humphries575356
13Kyle Opfer545557
16Philo Brathwaite565556
16Andrew Marwede546152
18Nikko Locastro (TP)565953
19Zach Melton (TP)555856
19Nick Gill585952
21Sam Drummond615653
21Randon Latta635453
21Willie Prince585359
24Mike Conlee (TP)565857
24Danny Beauchamp585855
24Kyle Giovannini595755
27Gavin Babcock (TP)595855
27Phill Dilone545860
27Raven Newsom535960
27Alex Russell585658
27Sunny You566254
32Robert J Centala III546059
32Adrian Chevalier585956
32Thomas Earhart616151
32Bartosz Kowalewski545762
36Billy Armstrong565563
36AJ Carey575760
36Garry Patton566058
36Vincent Polidori615558
40Rich Klein III576058
40Izak McDonald575662
43Mike Carman (TP)595860
43Luke Samson (TP)615759
43Ian Burchett595959
43Luke Hanewall586059
43Bryan Jenkins615363
48Alan Wagner (TP)605860
48Tad Carlson635758
50John Willis (TP)636254
50Jermaine Barksdale596357
50Cameron Messerschmidt605960
50Alberto Ochoa586061
50Jonathan Propalis606059
50Steve Rachan606554
50Paul Russell625760
57Kyle Greenfield645957
57Bryan Opitz596061
57Neal Swanson615960
60Zachary Finwall616258
60Garrett Miller606160
60Patrick Nemmer636256
60Sam Smigiel596458
65Dw Hass646157
65Ryan Rhodes566264
65Pat Richert596360
65Chase Van Burkleo655859
69Nick Robinson616458
70Ian Hamilton (TP)626062
70Patrick Haaker606361
70Woody Hass596164
70Christopher Meyer575869
70Zac Sherman586066
75Matt Odenwelder665960
75Jesse Papermaster626063
77Caleb Algire636657
77Jamalle Castillo616560
77Kyle Divelbiss666060
77Casey Trudeau586563
77Benjamin Wagner606363
82Brandon Oleskie665962
82John Pallister596266
82Matt Travis646063
85Trevon Crowe626264
85David Klett636461
85Samuel St John656162
85Collin Thompson646163
89David Garb626562
89Josh Riley546768
92Evan Gronlund616564
92Ryan Kenney606466
92Adam Marbes646066
95Jared Hamernick676361
96Ty Evanson666561
96Daniel M. Fairhurst616467
96Jake Hebenheimer596766
99Aidan Brock686263
99Frank Buttacavoli676561
99Mark Jones646168
99Peter Madrawski666166
103Benjamin Carrescia666464
103Eric Ford696065
103Scott Rangel636863
106Dustin Barrett706461
107Jimmy Fahey646567
108Andrew Hennebry666566
109Forrest Beals636966
109Zac Pedigo646767
109Isaias Solano686466
112Mikey Hvizd697161
113Jimmy Bates716566
113Jeffrey Cvikota666868
113Mike Fierke716467
116William Freed607272
117Cole Mintert727168
117Damon Morstatter707566
117Mark Sarti697171
120Silver Latt6452999
120Stephen Mattingly6262999
122Ryan Buikema65999-
122Cole Neal63999-
1Allen Hermosillo595956
2Justin McLuen585958
3Bob Kulchuk606259
4Taylor Cimala586660
5Kurt Conrad626263
5Scott Houska636361
5Das Loomis636658
8Zack Stelly636365
9Jamey Papanek636367
10Chris Zagone606866
11Seth Kayton667061
12Michael Deeter656965
13Rusty Channon696865
14Anthony Devoto716864
14Scot Estep676769
1Daymon Pugh556056
2Steve Boylan606060
3Jeff Bauman645862
4Roger Reyes616566
5Roger (PhotoGuy) Tranowski686964
6Brian Usher736961
7Bruce Churches667267
8Gary Suarez706572
9Michael Frame706672
10Gary Fudo737067
10Tim Jones736671
12James Cheever736969
12Jerome Harvey667273
14World Famous Bob757074
15Ed Radakovitz767571
16Charles Richard767774
17Dan Rebholz807672
18Tim Lesak7881999
18Randy Moore Sr.7475999
18Dwight Powell6968999
1Kristin Tattar606362
2Sarah Gilpin636362
3Holly Finley (TP)606960
4Juliana Korver616963
5Stacie Hass646665
5Kat Mertsch636369
7Sarah Hokom (TP)656467
8Deann Carey706167
8Christine Jennings686466
10Rebekah Kersey717066
11Courtney Cannon717169
12Kacie Glade727172
12Lydia Lyons757268
14Leah Tsinajinnie737669
15Erin Havok727770
16Jessica Oleskie758177
17Rachel Braband818377
18Emma Partee958379
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