DGPT - Play It Again Sports Jonesboro Open Presented by Prodigy

PDGA logoFri-Sun, April 22-24, 2022 at Disc Side of Heaven in Jonesboro, Arkansas
Pro-only Disc Golf Pro Tour · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

This is the fourth stop on the Disc Golf Pro Tour 2022 Season. All three rounds will be played on Disc Side o ... more
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Bradley Pietz    April 21 at 12:34pm

Thursday, April 21. Grass lot is closed today.


Jonathan Fletcher    April 17 at 3:35am

Can you email me the link to the Tuesday Qualifier? I just got on the waitlist

Bradley Pietz   April 17 at 2:11pm


Nova Politte    April 5 at 3:28am

It's getting close to decision time because of lodging, and I'm still #4 on the wait list. (Was #5 on the list in January, so. . .) If I drop while I'm still on the wait list I'll get a full refund, since the tourney is full, right?

Bradley Pietz   April 5 at 1:10pm

Yes. That is correct.

Nova Politte   April 5 at 1:20pm

I appreciate the clarification.

Nova Politte   April 13 at 9:15pm

Aaaand I've submitted a refund request, still #3 on the wait list with just a week to go. =

Sandra Richardson    April 4 at 5:02pm

Is the Tuesday Qualifier round only for MPO or is it also for FPO? I am not finding any information about that. Thanks!

Bradley Pietz   April 4 at 9:14pm

Hi Sandra- At this point, we do not plan to have a qualifier for FPO. We added 4 more spots at the very beginning and we are pushing daylight as is. Thank you for your interest and we will plan for bigger numbers next year!

Kati Tillman    March 7 at 4:53pm

Hello what is the deal with the sponsor spots?

Bradley Pietz   March 8 at 2:56am

Those spots are held for Prodigy/Jonesboro Open/Disc Golf Pro Tour to use. If all are not used, then those high on the Waitlist will be used to fill in.

Nova Politte    March 3 at 4:39pm

Since mid-January, the FPO wait list has not budged by even one spot. Is there any relief in store?

Bradley Pietz   March 3 at 5:29pm

We opened up 4 more FPO spots the week that registration went live and due to daylight, that is all that we can do. Only one player that made the original Registration (MPO or FPO) has asked for a refund. Unfortunately, the only thing that those on the Waitlist can do right now is wait.