DFOK Fairmont Fundraiser - Millennium Discs - 3 Disc Challenge

Saturday, May 4, 2013 at Fairmont Park in Manhattan, Kansas
Disc golf singles tournament

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Photos from the 2013 DFOK Fairmont Fundraiser disc golf tournament. A tournament to raise money for the Fairmont Park Disc Golf Course Remodel & Expansion Project.
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Available Course Sponsorship Levels.
(permanent course recognition signage)
Rick Petrie uploaded this picture.
Rick Petrie › May 18, 2013 at 12:42pm
Yesterday I was reminded of a Fairmont Fundraising Donation Price Point that I have been overlooking.

When our design & budget committee met (multiple times) this winter, we established 3 official price points that will earn PERMANENT recognition on the new course MAIN SIGN. Two are the well advertised $500 & $250 levels. It ALSO includes an often overlooked $125 level (shown above on a clip of the donation form).

In other words, a donation of $125 will get your name on the new Main sign, just not your name on a Fairway sign. (checks would go to Riley County Parks also).

This may be an option for some people that are not interested in the higher levels. Regarding it's effect on our course budget, it could provide additional funds above the minimum $4500 Fairway dollars to purchase items not already in our budget. Two examples that come to mind are permanent "mando" signs & more alt. pin materials.

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