Creekside Open XVI-AM weekend

PDGA logoSat-Sun, April 27-28, 2013 at Creekside Park in Salt Lake City, Utah
Amateur-only B-tier · PDGA sanctioned singles tournament

Registered Players

110 players are registered out of 105 possible spots.
0 spots are available.
5 players are on the Waitlist.

Amateur divisions   110 registered

MM1   Advanced Master 7 registrants

Lance Gus Bus Gustaveson35998
Chuck Shulkusky40744
Curt Myrick14811
Dan Garland4539
Kent Henline39926
Rich Saunders
Vince Dronek47283

MG1   Advanced Grandmaster 1 registrant

Mike Whipple45653

MS1   Advanced Senior Grandmaster 1 registrant

Steven Roberts

ML1   Advanced Legend 0 registrants

MA3   Recreational 9 registrants   ·   1 waitlisted

Chris Andersen
Jeremy Westerman
Kevin Neff
Marc Grimes56907
Mario Benson57725
Michael Peterson57393
Paul Evertsen
Robert Grant29825
Travis Powell
Warren Dallof Waitlist #4

MA4   Novice 6 registrants

Bradley Grimes57094
David Fawcett55695
Eric J Smith
Michal Grimes57109
Raymond Godin
Ron Grimes57008

FM1   Advanced Master Women 0 registrants

FG1   Advanced Grandmaster Women 0 registrants

FS1   Advanced Senior Grandmaster Women 0 registrants

FA2   Intermediate Women 0 registrants

FA3   Recreational Women 3 registrants

Heather "awesomeness" Gerlach
Joanne Villalon

MJ1   Junior I - Boys 0 registrants

MJ2   Junior II - Boys 0 registrants   ·   1 waitlisted

Ben Merzlock Waitlist #5

MJ3   Junior III - Boys 0 registrants

MJ4   Junior IV - Boys 0 registrants

FJ1   Junior I - Girls 0 registrants

FJ2   Junior II - Girls 0 registrants

FJ3   Junior III - Girls 0 registrants

FJ4   Junior IV - Girls 0 registrants

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