Colorado State Disc Golf Championships Presented by Trash Panda Disc Golf Professional and Amateur

PDGA logoSat-Mon, August 31-September 2, 2024 at Pueblo City Park in Pueblo, Colorado
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

Registered Players

Pool A      

68 / 144
MPO, FPO, MP40, MP50

Pool B      

56 / 144
FP40, FP50, MP60, MP70, MA1, MA40

Pool C      

60 / 144
FA1, FA40, MA50, FA50, MA60, MA65, MA70, MA75, MA2, FA2, MA3, FA3, MJ18, FJ18, MJ15
184 players are registered out of 432 possible spots.
248 spots are available.

General entry   0 registered

COUR   Course Sponsor 0 registrants / 3 spots

HOLE   Hole Sponsor 0 registrants / 54 spots

Pro divisions   80 registered

FPO   Women's Pro Open   Pool A 2 registrants

Hailey Huber150057
Katie Belty106422

FP40   Women's Pro 40+   Pool B 0 registrants

FP50   Women's Pro 50+   Pool B 0 registrants

MP70   Mixed Pro 70+   Pool B 1 registrant

Garland Judd32113

Amateur divisions   103+1 registered

FA1   Women's Amateur 1   Pool C 1 registrant

Ky Kline149788

FA50   Women's Amateur 50+   Pool C 2 registrants

Faith Gee109392
Tammy Chavez240230

MA60   Mixed Amateur 60+   Pool C 1 registrant

Chuck Andrews45999

MA65   Mixed Amateur 65+   Pool C 1 registrant

Charley Quinn42101

MA70   Mixed Amateur 70+   Pool C 2 registrants

Bob Bruner96830
Mike Maness52180

MA75   Mixed Amateur 75+   Pool C 2 registrants

Bill Thiel55108
Steve O'Neill84347

FA2   Women's Amateur 2   Pool C 1 registrant

Emily A Brinkworth104500

FA3   Women's Amateur 3   Pool C 2 registrants

Janet Bundschuh263801
Katherine Coull171940

Junior divisions   1 registered

MJ18   Mixed Junior 18   Pool C 0 registrants

FJ18   Girls' Junior 18   Pool C 0 registrants

MJ15   Mixed Junior 15   Pool C 1 registrant

Gavin Spencer148647