Cameron Park Lake Trilogy Challenge sponsored by El Dorado Disc Sports

Saturday, September 19, 2020 at Cameron Park Lake in Cameron Park, California
Disc golf singles tournament

Cameron Park Lake Trilogy Challenge sponsored by El Dorado Disc Sports graphic


Event CoordinatorSharon Keoppel
Tournament DirectorJay Smith

About this tournament

The Trilogy Challenge is a 1 round event where you compete exclusively using the 3 discs provided in the players pack. The 2020 Trilogy Challenge discs are the Latitude 64 SPZ3, the Dynamic Discs Bounty, and the Westside Discs Crown.

We will be ordering a few extra players packs for sign ups on the day-of. These spots will be limited. Day-of sign-ups will be $40 per player and won't have guaranteed weights on the discs.

We won't be able to have an award ceremony due to social distancing requirements. Prizes will be awarded in each division (TBD). Winners will be called/emailed and posted on website by 9:00pm day of the tournament. There will be additional postings on social media platforms, ie: FaceBook, Twitter, & Instagram. Follow El Dorado Disc Sports to make sure you receive notification, or call Event Coordinator after 9:00pm for results.

Tee times will be honored to the extent possible, based on number of registered registered players some adjustments may be required. Make sure we have a way to contact you for updates.

El Dorado Disc Sports will be at the course all day at Hole 1 for you to pick up your player's pack and turn in your scorecard.

Refund policy

Cameron Park Disc Golf Club - El Dorado Disc Sports is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


Cameron Park Lake
Cameron Park, CA   Get Directions


Final Results


Josef HolguinHole 18 on Main course, Regular tees
Round 1: Cameron Park Lake - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Andrei Anderson4747
2Chase Copeland4848
3Darrec Ditlevsen4848
4Steve McHail4949
5Geoffrey Rexroth5050
6Josef Holguin5050
7Alan Hyde5252
8Albert Hernandez5252
8Mark Morton5252
10Nate Toutolmin5252
11Brendan Reed5353
11Chris Siepert5353
11Daniel Arismendi5353
14Carlos Hernandez5353
14Jim Page5353
16James Kirkham5454
16Jonathan Goldsmith5454
18Jake Floyd5454
18Sean Thompson5454
20Marty Johnson5454
21Bob Madden5555
21Brett Petersen5555
21Bryan Frank5555
21Justin Ditlevsen5555
21Rodney Jacobson5555
26Eric J Thompson5555
27Blake Faulkner5555
27Nino Failla5555
27Ton Olaez5555
30Kevin Newton5555
31Jerid M Gaspar5656
31Kody Curtis5656
33Casey Bagozzi5656
33Tyler Sewell5656
35David Risucci5656
35Josh Koelzer5656
35Travis Rogers5656
38Tristan Weathers5757
39Nic Frost5757
40Michael McDisk5858
41James Agnone5858
42Gabriel Lopez5858
43Christopher Parker5858
43PJ Ramey5858
45Jake Stahl5959
45Kevin Kelley5959
47Chris McCole5959
47Chris Rodriguez5959
47Estevan Garcia5959
50Todd Barker5959
51Brandon Goad6060
51Chris Alder6060
51David White6060
54Erik Cooper6060
55Daniel Clinton6060
56Brian Thompson6060
56Francis Bisek6060
58David Wilson6161
58Phil Roberto6161
60Brian Johnson6161
60Cody Mallonee6161
60Mathew Craig6161
63Tanner Thomason6161
64Cameron Fisher6161
65Nick Ascarrunz6161
65Wade Graves6161
67Chris Bossard6262
67Christopher Tricker6262
67Edward Hurff6262
67Jon Chase6262
67Mark Ward6262
72Andrew Thomason6262
72Mitchell Kellogg6262
74Ahmed Carroll6363
75Cory Grassinger6363
75Ryan Monte6363
77Ridge Merkley6363
77Shane Rodgers6363
79Nate Wolverton6363
79Richard Goff6363
79Steven Ramos6363
82Kevin M Becraft6464
82Lukas Kolbl6464
82Philip McNamar6464
82Samuel Madison6464
86Jeff Fortier6464
86Ryan Shepard6464
88Tom Walker6565
89Garrett Porter6565
90Brent Fisher6565
90David Hvidsten6565
90Nathan Hvidsten6565
90Sean Dodson6565
90William Burke6565
95Dallas Bowman6565
96Alex LaBass6666
96Ernest Alvarado6666
96Luke Aubrey6666
99Brandon Fisher6666
99Logan Tosta6666
101Jon Barrett6666
101Mark Lundin6666
103Tom Fennell6767
104Skyler R Baldock6767
105Chris Swayze6767
106Robert Clark6868
107Elias Johnson-Saucier6969
108Elliott Trevino7070
109Seth Tosta7070
110Brian Trent7171
111Jason Toutolmin7171
111Spencer Baldock7171
113Aidan Klug7171
114Jesus Andrade7272
116Ryan Lewis7373
117Owen Carlson7676
117Ryan Smith7676
119Keith Mallonee7777
Round 1: Cameron Park Lake - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Mike Griffith5252
2Kenneth Griffith5757
3Randy Pace5858
4Brian Schyberg5858
4Jim Floyd5858
6Robert Bare5959
7Hugo Guinan-Blaney6161
8Ray Clark6363
9Mark Hamarlund6464
10Jess “BFI” Johnson6464
11ED BEHL6565
12Brian Hendriks6666
13Steve Lane6666
14Vinny Fonderico7171
Round 1: Cameron Park Lake - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Caylin Gentile6060
2Serenity Madison6161
3Julie Fogarty6161
4Colleen Wood6161
5Mei Bruist6363
6Danielle Kleidon6363
7Alyssa Mesecher6464
8Christina Casler6565
9Connie Chan7777
10Chelle Johnson9292
Round 1: Cameron Park Lake - Regular tees, 18 holes, par 54
1Dylan Mainaris6161
2Jonathan Smith6363
3Richard Grube6666
4Noah Frost6868
5Matthew Griffith7070
6Tyler Rostoni7171
7Micah Garibaldi7272
8Gaven McCuen9898
9Gavin Chaney101101
10Sophia Aguayo109109
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