Barre Falls Dam Ice Bull

Sunday, February 24, 2019 at Barre Falls in Barre, Massachusetts
Disc golf doubles tournament

Barre Falls Dam Ice Bull graphic

About this tournament

The tournament date got pushed back do to a issue with PayPal so I apologize for any confusion, this is my first tournament so bare with me please and thank you ! This is a 2 round doubles tournament. $70 dollars per team $30 of witch will be donated to a local familys funeral cost fundraiser (Mathew Cote). The other $40 will go towards payouts for 2 decisions, pro and am winner takes all. I’ll have a local pizza place take lunch orders in the morning for anyone interested in that it will be at ur own expense. (Pizza palace) 19 holes and I’m going to have as many ctp’s al I can. If there’s any questions call me 978-793-7155 Tim

Refund policy

Timmy maher is responsible for all refunds and cancellations.