Back in the Saddle V Sponsored by Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, June 29-30, 2024 at Boylan Acres in Monrovia, Indiana
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Added cash $3,000


Tournament DirectorSteve Boylan
Assistant TDJason Labella

About this tournament

$3,000 Added cash to the Pro divisions.

Course fees per day will apply.
We will be following 125% total value for amateur divisions. Players pack will include BA polo and disc golf towel. All amateur payouts will be handled in the BA pro-shop on site.

Central Indiana's first A tier will feature 3 rounds that will test your skills and endourance.
All players will play 2 rounds Saturday on both the Arduous and the Extreme courses. Sundays special tee time round will feature the Captain's 21 layout.

All MA1, MP40 and MPO will play from the long tee pads all 3 rounds.
FPO, FA1, MA40, MP50, MP60 and MA2 will play just one of the Saturday rounds from the longs and all the other divisions will play from the short tee pads each round.

MJ18, FJ18, MA4, FA2, FA3, FA4, FA40, FA50 and FA60 will only play 1 round on the Arduous course Sat, then the Captains 21 on Sunday.

Friday- We will be hosting a players party with bonfire if weather cooperates until 10PM and offer glow golf on the fun course.
A flex start will be available on Friday from 1 pm to pm on the Arduous course from the assigned tee pads for divisions.

Saturday- 2 rounds
Sunday - 1 round on the Captains 21.
Awards will be provided immediately after each division finishes. All playoff will restart on hole1 until a player wins a hole.

Refund policy. We will be following the PDGA refund policy.

Refund policy

Boylan Acres Disc Association is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. We will be following the PDGA refund policy.



Final Results

PDGA results at
1Harper Thompson545675185$1,200
2Tony Reiss565578189$800
3Colten Montgomery635276191$590
4Adrian Chevalier625576193$430
4Stephen Becker625279193$430
6Andrew Fish625879199$300
6Micah Tatro606475199$300
8Ben Ruggles636176200$225
8Collin Thompson695477200$225
10Bryson Haft625684202$178
10Payton Staman616279202$178
10Tanner Boggs595786202$178
13Eddie Ward675782206$75
13Nolan Blessing636479206$75
15Lucas Rooney665982207
16Myles Miller IV646184209
16Nick Howard646085209
18Bartosz Kowalewski636384210
19Aaron Gettys696875212
20Jackson Hester616587213
21Corey Hawk646387214
22Bryan Jenshak676583215
22Jake Booher675890215
24Harley Payne685890216
24John Kotansky646686216
26Matt Stahlecker736085218
26Trey Childress696386218
28Kyle Sterwerf696488221
29Kevin Cheney666493223
30Zak Kemmer666989224
31Seth Caldwell756192228
1Brad Schick625776195$515
2Justin McLuen616182204$300
3Ryan Beavers725787216$235
4Rob McNeal686888224
5Ryan Weeks746392229
5Zac Zac706198229
1Pete Caldwell566583204$320
2Nelson Cano547290216$180
3Roger Hayslip5872100230
1James Collins607581216$320
2T S Condor668588239$180
3Rand Gray6274105241
1Kona Montgomery726078210$335
2Ellie Caldwell816899248
1Kacie Gallagher887695259$165
1Karen Caldwell7476101251$165
1Aidan Hosler596481204
2Ike Homburg596587211
3Theo Lach686581214
4Stephen Yoder576791215
5Billy Plant626985216
6Garrett Fasig636985217
7Jaxon Matz666588219
8Jonathan Reynolds607091221
9Kevin Stewart577293222
10AJ Farber616993223
11Logan Gehlhausen656495224
12Ethan Beachy657981225
13Andrew Williamson597097226
13Caleb Clifton706888226
13Josh Fry697285226
16Caleb Bell647489227
16Colin Wise627194227
18Stephen Hohnholt637590228
19Robert Shugart667588229
19Simon Gemmen687091229
21Daniel Pugh667292230
21Parker Zehr637592230
21Robert Perry657887230
24Dylan Trenum677589231
25Danny McGovern667592233
26Alex Hoffmann657893236
26Zach Weinkauf727688236
28Andrew Foley677598240
29Nick Reynolds657899242
30Tyler Hogan747796247
31Ted Britton7077102249
32Carson Buck61--61
33Randy Preston71--71
1John Vetter567478208
2Brent Talley647380217
2Mike Stanley597583217
4Aric Reffett617885224
5Jason Reece587988225
6Michael Roberts668892246
7Tony Daniel7388103264
8Jeremy Sumpter66-82148
9Fred Britton7594-169
1Derrick Hart656284211
2Shawn Carson676481212
3John Morgan646785216
4Harold Mundy736992234
1John Strifler686781216
2Dale Emery687397238
3Richard Beedle847997260
4Donald VanArsdale788697261
1Preston Padgett756076211
2Chris Gentry775680213
3Lee Taylor766574215
4Jace Brooks765882216
5Nick Dombrosky736381217
6Matthew Hargis795980218
7Nathaniel Williams795882219
8Ian Tinsley766184221
8Jesse Renihan756284221
10Trenton Cadwell716785223
11Tyler Fischer786483225
12Todd Ronchetti716590226
13Austin Read806783230
14Wesley Taylor806790237
15Matt Davis7162-133
16Hayden Howell7668-144
17Ron Hutson8068-148
1Noah Hardesty656283210
2Aaron Smith586885211
2Mark Davis606685211
4Brett Batchelor656781213
4Gil Weinel636783213
6Imanuel Bernard656684215
6Jacob Fulk636686215
6Paul VandeKoppel656882215
9Zac Walters587385216
10Derek Dunn627085217
11Alan Espich616988218
12Tyler Hobbs686785220
13Aidan Scharf756583223
13Bram Blackwell706291223
13Joshua McDonald706687223
13Steven Castillo627586223
13Will Wood646990223
18Paul Scarpato676793227
19Zack Elzey697783229
20James Fischer657790232
21Sean Gorman727290234
22Quoleman Pike7483103260
1Clay Roberts-7087157
1TJ Jones-6988157
3Nicholas Gilmore-7290162
4Nolan Brunson-84115199
5Ryan Brunson-69-69
1Andrea Michaud94--94
1Jacquelyn Rieser80-98178
1Lauren Mckanna74-93167
1Katelyn Novak89-126215
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