BRDGT - Virginia Commonwealth Games

PDGA logoSaturday, July 24, 2021 at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia
B-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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1 Round at Liberty East and 1 Round at Camp Hydaway Am player's pack will feature - Prodigy Discs Shoe Bag ... more
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Cody Bradshaw    July 24 at 1:26am

Where are starting holes

Tyler martin   July 24 at 1:42am


Hunter Thomas   July 24 at 1:42am

They will be published in the morning

Stephen Knox    July 23 at 8:27pm

My wife and I are coming from Virginia Beach and have never played these courses. Are they cart friendly?

William Bailey   July 23 at 9:39pm

I have only played once a couple years ago and they were not then.i see we are in the same group where do you check in at

Rob Stark   July 24 at 1:18am

You can get around with a cart - but the terrain is hilly enough that a cart will tire you out. If you're not done by round 1, mid way through round 2 you'll be feeling it! I did it today and I'm pondering carrying a bag.

William Bailey    July 23 at 6:14pm

I'm playing ma50 where do I check in at

Hunter Thomas   July 24 at 2:03am

You will check in at the main shelter at camp hydaway! Check in is from 8-9 in the morning.

Cody Bradshaw    July 23 at 3:58pm

I’ll be at camp hydaway at 130 if anyone wants to join

Ben Adinolfi   July 23 at 4:34pm

I will be getting there around the same time I’m no pro though haha

Tyler martin    July 23 at 1:35pm

I tried to withdraw via disc golf scene on Monday....and reached out to Hunter a couple days later. I am unable to attend due to work, so can I please receive my full refund and taken off the tournament please.

Cody Bradshaw   July 23 at 3:58pm


Brandon Cox    July 22 at 1:58pm

I recently was promoted off the waitlist but have not received an email containing details about this weekends event. I need to know what pool I am part of. Are spectators and caddies allowed?

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Brandon Cox   July 22 at 8:04pm

Are caddies and spectators discouraged?

Hunter Thomas   July 23 at 11:36am

I will forward the email over to you so that you have all details! Spectators and caddies are allowed.

Brandon Cox   July 23 at 11:56am

Ma2 is actually pool B starting at hideaway

Keilan Turns    July 21 at 7:52pm

I will not need a refund anymore @hunter I can play now


Matthew Hodapp    July 21 at 3:39pm

Is there a schedule posted somewhere? I have something else going on on Saturday and want to know if I can make the tournament or not. Would REALLY appreciate it if someone could post that. Thanks

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Chris Britt   July 21 at 3:58pm

Tournament Schedule: 8:00-9:00 Check-in (Pool A at East Campus Practice Basket and Pool B at the main shelter at camp Hydaway) 9:30 Round 1 Start 1 hour Lunch Break 2:00 - Approximate round 2 start (Pool A at Hydaway and Pool B at East) 5:30 - Approximate Start of Awards and Payout at Camp Hyda ... more

Matthew Hodapp   July 21 at 10:28pm

Thanks I didn't get the email for some reason. Where is check in?

Hunter Thomas   July 22 at 6:16pm

Hey Matthew! I will forward the email to the one you registered with again to make sure it goes through!

Jimmy Colvin    July 21 at 12:02pm

I submitted a refund request on the 19th, I won't be able to play. Haven't heard back yet. Commenting here to make sure the TD's see it.

Micah McLeod   July 21 at 1:12pm

I’m in the same boat, haven’t heard back

Robert Wright   July 21 at 8:35pm

Check your email. One was sent out a day or two ago with information and how to get in touch

Hunter Thomas   July 22 at 6:16pm

It appears a lot of refund requests have not come through as I am fully caught up on the ones in my inbox. I will take care of it for you!

Joseph. Eutsler    July 20 at 8:45am

Are we using live scores? Also, what is the code that will be used.


Hamilton Thorne    July 19 at 4:45pm

I am unfortunately needing to withdrawal from this tournament.

Hamilton Thorne   July 20 at 12:15pm

How do I go about this or who do I contact? Usually posting here does the trick quickly so I’m lost as of now

Lloyd Seely   July 20 at 12:29pm

Hamilton, 1st login to dgs. Then under “players” tab, you’ll see edit/withdraw option. That should do it.

Hamilton Thorne   July 20 at 4:10pm

Thank you.

Stacy Glasgow    July 19 at 10:28am

Couple questions…Do we need to check in for the commonwealth games at LU on Friday? Is there a schedule somewhere??

Thank you!

Matthew Mickey   July 19 at 12:01pm

Hopefully there is a check in Saturday morning.

Hunter Thomas   July 20 at 1:47am

Check in will be saturday morning at your starting course! As an athlete, you are free to attend the events leading up to the tournament as well such as the opening ceremonies if you would like to!

Stacy Glasgow   July 21 at 1:20pm

Do you know if we can register at the soccer center and get a shirt this year?

Robert Wright    July 18 at 7:32pm

Bueller bueller…


Joshua K    July 18 at 12:46am

If anyone ever gets around to reading all the questions and comments, I would like to recommend groups scheduled to play any red tees to just play 2 rounds at hydaway and ZERO rounds at east campus.

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Joshua K   July 18 at 3:07am

There are STILL no red tees. And most of the other tee boxes are flat out unsafe in some cases. That’s really my only good reason. And it’s just not a very good course to be honest. Hydaway is much more fun IMO.

Matthew petke   July 19 at 10:43am

Or we could just play the whites ???? they are pretty fun!

Hunter Thomas   July 20 at 1:49am

Just in case you did not see the email, we have updated the layout for everyone to play only white tees at East. The red tees were supposed to be cut in and leveled and without the progression on them by now, we do not have faith that Liberty will get around to taking care of it

Robert Wright    July 16 at 6:51pm

Any idea of a schedule yet. Check in/tee off/etc

Hunter Thomas   July 20 at 1:47am

Email just went out! Feel free to reach out with additional questions!

Dylan Brendle    July 15 at 3:08am

Can I get a refund please, won't be available after all :(


Trevor Darragh    July 13 at 8:40am

Refund request sent. Thank you.


Matthew petke    July 12 at 3:48am

Will red tee pads be put in on the LU east DG course? It's a little hard to practice the rec layout without any red tee pads.


Ryan Hahn    July 9 at 1:01am

Refund request sent. Thank you.


Christopher Opalka    July 7 at 11:24pm

I signed up as an ma3 and got put on the waitlist. I've been playing a lot and have gotten a lot better since signing up. Should i change my division and if so, would that effect my position in the wait list?