BOBIS Ace Race

Saturday, April 7, 2012 at Raintree Park in Troy, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament


BOBIS Ace Race graphic


About this tournament

Aces Only!


BOBIS Doubles League Ace Pool if not hit will be carried over to this tournament.

All Aces split the prize evenly. $20 per player entry!

The BOBIS Saturday Doubles is a random draw traveling league. We play different courses every Saturday at 1 pm. Cost is $5 to play and a $1 Ace Pool that carries over from week-to-week if not hit. If hit, the winner takes the entire Ace Pool. Payouts for the actual league play are 100% per week. This is the way BOBIS ran it while he was here with us, this is how we will run it for as long as we carry on his format.

The league starts usually in October after the MCCG league has ended and ends sometime in March. If the Ace Pool has any funds left in it at the end of the season, whatever is left gets added into this end-of-the-league Ace Race. The location will be at Raintree although we will make all the holes the same distances as the Auburn Hills Civic Center course. The entire entry fee and any left over Ace Pool funds make up the entire pot and all aces scored from the 2 rounds of 9 holes splits the winnings evenly.

The entire event is usually over by 3 pm and most people head out to play courses nearby like Addison, OU, or Stony right after. Besides, it is Chef Schulte's Birthday weekend, what could be better?



Final Results


Brad Frase$155.00 for Hole 2 on Main course, BOBIS Ace Race 2012 - 9 holes
justin lohr$155.00 for Hole 7 on Main course, BOBIS Ace Race 2012 - 9 holes
John Minicuci$155.00 for Hole 4 on Main course, BOBIS Ace Race 2012 - 9 holes
Jeff Bauman$155.00 for Hole 5 on Main course, BOBIS Ace Race 2012 - 9 holes
Derek Michalak$155.00 for Hole 3 on Main course, BOBIS Ace Race 2012 - 9 holes
Round 1: Raintree Park - BOBIS Ace Race 2012 - 9 holes, 18 holes, par 18
1Brad Frase1717$155
1Derek Michalak1717$155
1Jeff Bauman1717$155
1John Minicuci1717$155
1Justin Lohr1717$155