April Fools' Shenanigan Doubles

Sunday, April 7, 2013 at Lincoln Park in Charlotte, Michigan
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

Beer based - random draw doubles tournament..

The entry fee is a beer (root, ginger, or barley & hops). Anyone that brings a unique beer to the tournament gets to take strokes off of their score.
The format is random draw, worst shot, doubles.
You will get your partner and card assigned at random.
Because it is worst shot doubles, your opponents will choose which shot you will use until you or your partner gets a disc in the basket.
Because it is April Fool's Shenanigan Doubles, you will change partners, and have some holes with rules about what and/or how you throw.

Please check out the talk section for more information and feel free to ask questions. The sponsors have donated some great prizes and even a small players pack. Please register early so that I can figure out numbers for the players packs because I would hate to run out.

The most you lose is your beer. The most you win is a beer or two (plus some donated prizes). I will bring non-barley and hops replacements for all non-drinkers.

If people want to have an ace pool and/or a 50:50 CTP, I'll be happy to run it.

Please support our sponsors:

Please note the city of Charlotte does not allow consumption of alcohol within Lincoln Park. Also, the tournament director and up to two "card filler" volunteers that may or may not play reserve the right to collect a single beer fee as payment for organizing the event.

Special rules and prizes announced to date:
Hole 1 - Altered basket
Hole 2 - Longest Putt - Vibram Ascent donated by Skidmore's Village Cycle Shop
Hole 3 - Your opponent gets to choose the mando side of the big pine tree
Hole 4 - CTR (Closest to the Rock) - DD Fugitive donated by Dynamic Discs
Hole 6 - Drive with a putter
Hole 7 - CTP - Disc donated by CDGA
Hole 8 - CTT (Closest to the Tree) - Vibram VP donated by Skidmore's Village Cycle Shop
Hole 9 - Drive with your disc upside down and below your ears
Hole 10 - Opponent picks your putter (No minis)
Hole A - Don't count anything that hits a tree as a stroke (throw from where it lands)
Hole 12 - Roller drive
Hole 13 - Longest Putt - DD Escape donated by Dynamic Discs
Hole B - Altered basket
Hole C - Yankee Swap
Hole 14 - CTP - DD Trespass donated by Dynamic Discs
Hole 15 - Throw your partner's driver
Hole D - CTP - DD Judge donated by Dynamic Discs
Hole E - Backward throws
Hole 16 - Longest Putt - 1/2 entry into LP Open donated by CDGA
Hole 17 - CTP - Inbounds Disc Golf CTP package
Hole 18 - Drive with your non-dominant hand.
Hole F - Catch & Throw


Lincoln Park
Charlotte, MI   Get Directions

Final Results

Round 1: Lincoln Park - Regular tees, 24 holes, par 72
1Jason Simpson7474
2Chad Lantz7878
2Damian Redman7878
2Eric Garnaat7878
5Robert Crosby7979
6Luke Langkamp8080$60
7Jim Wonch8080
8Steve Sime8181
9Quenton Lerma8282$80
10Dave Albin8282
10Jose Bobillo III8282
10Mike Kemp8282
13Dan Jenkins8383
13Jeremy Kemp8383
15Gower Lucas8484
15Jeff Molzan8484
15Larry Jennison8484
15Monkey Michael Gary8484
15Ryan Thrasher8484
15Terry Grost8484
21Jesse Rohdy8585
22Cristina Crosby8686
23Jim Knudson8787
24Andew Wonch8888
24Chris Smith8888
24David Skidmore8888
24Jason Loomis8888
28Jimmy Jean8989
28Joe Swix8989
28Ken Harris8989
31Michael Brooks9090
31Patrick Fulkerson9090
33Niki Eno9191
33Shane Smith9191
35Ken Stults9494
35Lee Lucas9494
37Bobby Vandiver9595
37Brion St. Clair9595
37Dayton Peabody9595
40Benjamin Wonders9797
41Mike Beverle9999
42Beth Grost9999
42Jason Crannell9999
42Lauren Curtis9999
45Devin Brown101101
46Brittaney Neidlinger (soon to be Brown)104104
47David Frost105105
48Mike Lee120120
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