A Day at Bray Junior Worlds Fundraiser for Victoria and Cole

PDGA logoSaturday, June 25, 2022 at GT Bray park in Bradenton, Florida
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

A Day at Bray Junior Worlds Fundraiser for Victoria and Cole graphic

About this tournament

MCDGA is proud to hold this Junior Worlds Fundraiser for Victoria Ericaho-Paul and Cole Hauser. This will be a 1 day Flex start from 8:00-4:00 at the kids home course GT Bray Park. Please come out and support your local Young Guns! Victoria will compete in FJ 18 and MJ 18 Doubles.. Cole will compete in MJ 15 and MJ 18 Doubles..

If you can not participate but would like to help these two kids out on their journey to Peoria, IL you can send a donation to the club Paypal: [email redacted]

Thanks for your support

OB Rules at GT Bray

Holes with separate long pads: 1, 3, 8, 9, 14, 15, and 17. Hole 16 is a par 4 for long layout only. Hole 18 is a par 4 playing to a longer basket.

1. Path and beyond OB, Mando right.
2. Beyond fence, sidewalk and beyond on left.
3. Fence long (not road) and beyond. Mando right. Marked DZ if missed.
4. Path long and beyond.
5. Path long and right and beyond.
6. Marked OB left, long and right.
7. Water and beyond. Marked OB left. Path long and right.
8. Left path and beyond OB
9. Path long, left and beyond OB
10. Water long and beyond OB
11. Crossing any path is OB, left right and long.
12. Teeing from OB. If path isn't crossed cascade to short path. On any concrete or over dog park fence is OB.
13. Teeing from OB. Marked DZ if path not crossed. Over fence long or path to right is OB.
14. Island from concrete pad. DZ if island missed. Played as hazard from long tee.
15. Water and beyond left. Sidewalk and beyond OB.
16. Mando left off tee. Cascade tees to short-pad if missed. Players on long pads play to temporary basket along road. All others play to normal position. Mando left by parking lot for long position, drop zone if missed on sidewalk. Sidewalk and beyond OB. Fence and beyond OB.
17. Sidewalk left and beyond OB. In fenced parking lot OB.
18. Double mando. DZ from short pad. OB fence left. Pavillion OB.

Divisions Layout

RPA, RAH, RAD Will play the Long layout

RAE, RAF will play from concrete pads

RAG will play from the shorts

Refund policy

Manatee County DGA is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.


GT Bray park
Bradenton, FL   Get Directions


Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/60755
Blue [rating <970]
1Brent Arsenault5454
2Lorenzo Rivera5656
3Kelly Bodell5858
White [rating <935]
1Pat Collins5050
2James Jurden5252
3Daniel Sapuppo5353
4Chris Stoddard5454
4Nathan Meyer-Niedzwiecki5454
6Will Bilbrey5656
7Brett Colonna5757
7Tyler Rasmussen5757
9Logan Swarts5858
9Matthew Skaggs5858
11Connor Strickland5959
11Isaiah Mcglade5959
13Todd Green6161
14Ryan Hauser6363
15Sean Cook6969
Red [rating <900]
1Chris Cielo5454
1Victoria Eriacho-Paul5454
3Andy Norris5555
3DJ Edward5555
3Ryan Smith5555
6Danny McDonnell5656
6Luis Olivas5656
8Connor Landers5959
9Sasha Smith6060
Green [rating <850]
1Ben Stevens5454
1Shawn E Dibble5454
3Carl L Sandlin5656
4Rick Bose5959
4Rob Rowe5959
4Tyler Williams5959
7Andy Cairns6060
7Corey Joy6060
9Scott Thomas6161
10Deb Renner6767
11Keith Brightbill6868
12Zack Renner6969
13Malcolm Chancey-0
Purple [rating <800]
1Lynda Stevens5656
2Cody Bell5858
3Pablo Cruz5959
4John Stevens6262
4Nick Laurino6262
6Jim Saracino6666
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