2nd Saturday Redan REDUX

Saturday, December 11, 2010 at Rosewood-Dekalb @ Redan Park in Redan, Georgia
Disc golf singles tournament


2nd Saturday Redan REDUX graphic
Director Woodrow B

About this tournament

Registration begins at 9:00 AM (Or whenever I get there.)
Player's Meeting at 9:30 AM (At the picnic tables between 3 & 9.)
Tee off at 10:00 AM


If you have a decent metal basket(or four) to bring, let me know. I'll keep track here and we'll need it there in place by 9:00 AM Saturday morning, so coordinate with me and I'll have the spot marked for you.

NOTE: PLEASE BE DISCREET > This is not a PDGA sanctioned, ADGO sanctioned, or official park event in any way. It is only casual action and I will not take any responsibility or liability for anyone's actions other than my own. The course will not be closed or reserved and you must yield to civilians playing the regular course.

After seeing the flow of play this past weekend at Sequoyah and how little daylight we'll have Saturday, I've decided to run this as a typical 2nd Saturday. The possibility of rain is a factor too. This means that we will be playing two rounds of 18 without WORKS. There will still be no ace fund because we won't have time for a playoff, so the entry fee will be the same at $21 for Open and $11 for Amateur. That will make it possible to go out in 3-somes and get the rounds in much faster. IF it does work out that a 4-some is needed, I will be in that group along with any other experienced WORKS players and run the action if all in that group agree.

The layout is in with the tee pad and basket locations on the back nine marked by orange surveyor flags. Check the map in the ADGO thread and go practice if you like. The front nine baskets are in the correct locations except for 3c and 5c; Friday afternoon for those.

We still need metal baskets. As of now, these are what we have.

1 - Mine (Got it.)
2 - Dusty's (Confirmed)
3 - Ritger's (Got it.)
4 - Rob's (Got it.)
5 - Steve's (Got it.)
6 - Craig's
7 -
8 -

Final Results

Round 1: Rosewood-Dekalb @ Redan Park - Redux, 18 holes, par 65
1woodrowb6363 / -2$36
2Jon Plotky6565 / E$38
3Raury S6666 / +1
4John Matlack6666 / +1
5Craig Dye7070 / +5
6Dusty Jones7272 / +7
7craig hughes7373 / +8
8Dave Gaddis7373 / +8