2nd Annual Tower Mountain Throwdown BYOP Doubles

Saturday, December 9, 2017 at Tower Park in Greenville, Michigan
Disc golf doubles tournament

Registered Players

Mixed Team      

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62 players are registered out of 80 possible spots.
18 spots are available.

General entry   0 registered

MIX   Mixed Team 0 registrants

Pro divisions   14 registered

MPO   Open 14 registrants

AceholesBlaze Tomich
Rachel Terryn
Balcer Crosby Luke Balcer7894
Ray Crosby
Dirty Peach TreeDan Teeece26390
Stormie Morris54193
Disc Baron Jacob Stahl65541
Mark Laninga6133
Raging HyzersAnthony Lewis43979
Charlton Craig90626
Team MoneyshotsMatt Jackson
Reid Frescura48338
Team to BeatAndy Dedonado62321
Josh Lee101729

Amateur divisions   48 registered

MA1   Advanced 18 registrants

Birdie buddiesjordan smeenge
Luke Allison
Booster PackJosh Lukoshus71609
Nikola Mileusnic79419
Chain Bangerz Chris Taylor
Matt Brimmer
Controlled Chaos Carlos Villalobos95745
Thomas Decraene93019
Crackin' Cold OnesCaleb Chapin
Dirk Hendrickson
McCarty Time Jeff Tice71833
Keven Krieger66786
McDorf with Cheese Jared Rittersdorf65515
Michael McCarty69093
Piss DrunksAvery Coon
Shane Hendrickson
Straight off the couchMitch Pienta
Tom Cronkright

MA2   Intermediate 30 registrants

Army Strong Kurt Hall70365
Michael Brunette100463
Beauty and the BeastAaron Garner101489
Andrew Smith
Beer PressureBrad Lewis
Michael Erwin71608
Bird DogsBrian Kelly
Erik Boczkaja62480
Blind SquirrelsRandy Crawford96475
Zach Heerema102043
DalsTroyersDallas Downing100902
Troy White75476
Double Troublejonathan henry66181
Joshua henry59816
Drunk RabbitCharles Smith
Tom Pless96243
Drunken GrownupsJacob Johnson
Tim Belyou80602
DTF: Down To FrolfMatt Provot97077
Ron Collins
Fuzz NuttsCooper Hendrick
Jordan Holton101919
Nuts & Putts Codie McConnell101329
Will Miller85888
Pro sideBrice kosten
Mike klumpp
The bumpin' ugliesMartin mcgladdery
Ryan walters100047
W.e.e.dChris Kibbe90174
Mike Briggs73431
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