2nd Annual The Open @ the Nature Preserve presented by WCEDC, MEDC, & Dynamic Discs

PDGA logoSat-Sun, March 23-24, 2024 at Mineola Nature Preserve in Mineola, Texas
Pro B-tier / Amateur C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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About this tournament

2 Round Event of 21 holes Tee time Start Live scoring will be used for scoring along with a back up paper ... more
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Matthew Alldredge    March 23 at 4:48pm

Has any one brought a practice basket?


Jeremy Hesseltine    March 22 at 6:45pm

Crazy tee times. If I knew I was going to be in Mineola so late, I would have signed up for the player dinner.

Verlo Levels   March 22 at 7:16pm

Really, I was thinking the exact same thing.

Cole Dyson    March 22 at 6:19pm

It looks like the times alternate between pools playing Blue/Orange, also looks like there are a few cards that are set up with people playing different layouts? When should we expect Tee Times to be finalized?

Cole Dyson   March 22 at 6:23pm

Also, it looks like the pools listed in the caddie book aren’t the same as what is shown In the about section…

Logan Levels    March 22 at 6:01pm

Why is there 9 people at 12:30 and 6 people at 1:30


Cole Dyson    March 20 at 3:29pm

Is there any way to view a map of the layout to be played?

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Thomas Andrew   March 20 at 9:46pm

Cole I was told by someone at the local club mini last night that the "blue flag" tee locations are currently marked by orange flags and the distances compared to the caddie book seems to fit. I couldn't find the flags for hole 9 though.

Robert Johnson   March 21 at 8:32pm

The course is marked except for holes 19 through 21. rain got to me today. will have to try and get that in before we open the flex in the morning.

Cole Dyson   March 22 at 6:21pm

I’m from out of town so it would be helpful to have a visual aid to get an idea of where the course is expected to play, the layouts on UDisc don’t appear to be accurate to what is listed in the caddie book.

Thomas Andrew    March 19 at 2:52pm

I'm in town now thru the weekend, so if you would like help with setup/cleanup prior let me know. Also, if someone who knows the blues special tourney layout and would be willing to let me come along on an early practice round this week so i can practice the correct tee placements, please let me know thank you all. Text 210-577-0647


Zackary Fisher    March 19 at 2:21am

For the flex, what is the time last card can go out?

Robert Soliz   March 19 at 4:30pm

Good question... ????

Robert Johnson   March 20 at 5:39pm

5:30 pm

Tim Herron    March 18 at 8:32pm

Do we know when tee times are going to start? Trying to decide which day I drive in.

Robert Johnson   March 20 at 5:42pm

after registration closes i'll post them - since it's so light we have opportunity to really spread it out and let everyone enjoy their round

Zac Nixon    March 14 at 4:23am

Will there be a player pack for AMs? How much of the buy in goes toward the payout?

Robert Johnson   March 15 at 8:19pm

Hi Zac - the player pack at the moment consist of 2 discs a shirt and dinner on Saturday night for our players. once I have all the signups in we will post the payout amounts for ams. we are working with Infinite discs this year on AM payout so you can receive discs or accessories of your choice instead of the td's

Robert Johnson    February 28 at 3:12am

Both days


Dakota Warrick    February 26 at 10:47pm

Do am divisions play Saturday or Sunday or both days?

Robert Johnson   February 28 at 6:07pm

both days

Thomas Andrew    February 9 at 5:50pm

Very excited to play on this beautiful property.
I'm looking into reserving an rv hookup or site for the Travato and wondering if you've already reserved anything on site, at the appaloosa site, or if we'll need to reserve offsite at the city rv parks. Thank you.

Robert Johnson   February 14 at 5:45pm

The derby is the closest the city rv is also good.

Thomas Andrew   February 26 at 10:30pm

Thank you. I made reservations at the civic center.

Robert Johnson    January 24 at 5:35pm

@Michael England a mistake I will fix for you. Thank you for catching


Robert Johnson    January 24 at 5:34pm

@j.flury both days. The players dinner is included in the entry fee. We will be having a flymart at the dinner. Thank you for the question


J. Flury    January 18 at 12:10am

Do am divisions play Saturday or Sunday or both days?

Robert Johnson   March 21 at 8:21pm

both days

Michael England    January 12 at 3:11am

There is an MP70 but not an AM70? Mistake or on purpose?


Thomas Andrew    January 10 at 2:47am


Robert Johnson   January 11 at 6:37pm

we have natural tee pads at the moment. proceeds from the event and donations received will be used to add tee pads and help start our second course

Thomas Andrew   January 13 at 12:16am