2nd Annual Killens Pond Trilogy Challenge

Saturday, June 11, 2022 at Killens Pond State Park in Felton, Delaware
Disc golf singles tournament

2nd Annual Killens Pond Trilogy Challenge graphic

About this tournament


302 Bicycles in Milton has donated 6 sweet disc for CTPs!!! Make sure you go check out our only retailer in Southern DE.

We are continuing to look for sponsors for this event and will be continually updating this page until day of the tournament!

Welcome back to the 2nd Annual Killens Pond Trilogy Challenge. This will be a 1 round flex start challenge at Killens Pond State Park to try to achieve the best score possible using only the 3 discs you will receive for signing up in your player pack.

The Trilogy Challenge is a non-sanctioned(No PDGA # needed, no ratings, only scoring for the day), one round tournament that all players will be using the same three discs.

Your $35 entry fee includes a towel, mini, and the following 3 discs:

Latitude 64 Gold Burst Saint | Speed: 9 Glide: 7 Turn: -1 Fade: 2

Westside Discs VIP Ice Tursas | Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Turn: -2 Fade: 1

Dynamic Discs Prime Burst Agent | Speed: 2 Glide: 3 Turn: 0 Fade: 1

Stock permitting - the Player Pack Only option may be purchased post round for $30.00

Layout will be White Tees will OB and island greens discussed at a later date.
Juniors and Women's division may tee off from red Tees if preferred.

The payouts will be the top percent of the participants within their division.

An OPTIONAL $5 per person Ace Pot - able to be added on during registration, or with cash at time of check in.
If no Ace was hit during your round, you will have a throw off to "Basket 19" for a CTP.
If no Aces were hit during the full tournament, the two CTP on "Basket 19" will be awarded the Ace pot, split 70/30 between closest and 2nd closest.

Mispillion River Brewing will be a sponsor of this year's Trilogy Challenge again! Be on the lookout for some of their goodies on the course! Make sure to visit them and try their supply!

302 Bicycles is also sponsoring the event this year for some CTP prizes. Make sure to visit them as one of the only disc suppliers down in southern DE!

Flex start means you can show up and start a round any time between 9:30a and 3:30p with a group of 3+. If you don’t have a group we will get you connected with another group. You must have a group of 3-5 to begin your round.

Check in and player pack pick up will be right by tee pad #1's picnic table.
Day of Tournament cash sign ups will be allowed. As long as supplies remain

Tell your friends and bring the family, the Trilogy Challenge is a great way to get new players into Disc Golf. The value of the package is $55+ and the 3 disc you are given is a great package set for any beginner or advanced player!

If any of the divisions do not have participants, those winnings will be distributed to the other divisions.

The course will still be open to the public and those not playing in the Trilogy Challenge. Please be respectful to all on the course and in the area.*

Refund policy

Jared Beier is responsible for all refunds/cancellations. Participant is responsible for all fees with registration and refund process.


Final Results

Round 1: Killens Pond State Park - Short tees, 18 holes, par 71
1Eric Lewis5454$35
2Bryce Weaver6666$20
3Brian McConnell8181$10
4Dakota Lawhorn8383$10
5Ellijah Jones114114$10
Round 1: Killens Pond State Park - Short (White) Tees "B" position, 18 holes, par 54
1Charles Banning5151$50
2Sean D'Armi5252$40
3Mike Magaha5353$20
4Joseph Miller5454
5Bruce Mitchell5656
6Marc Cote5656
6Tyler Tuthill5656
8Noah Marcelle5757
9John Troyer5858
10Josh Bumgarner5858
10Steele Glanden5858
12Joseph Bockrath5959
12Joshua Maxfield5959
12Leo Claney5959
12TJ Sebastian5959
16Corey Hayes5959
17Matthew Slater6060
18Cameron Marcelle6161
18Phillip Smith6161
20James Wagner6161
21Andrew Beyer6161
22Jesse Sapp6262
22Ted Sammons6262
24Christian Cote6262
25Donald Granger6363
25Kyle Symonds6363
25Robert Lee6363
25Tyler Wyatt6363
29Bob Ward6363
30Alexander Bishop6464
30Chris Flagg-Parte6464
30Michael Wade6464
33Nick Baker6464
33Peter Clerkin6464
35Patrick Tribbett6464
36Kevin Kelly6565
36Noah McAleer6565
38Franklin Weaver6565
39Aidan Jones6666
40Alfred Baatz6666
40Bryan Benini6666
40Jason Blansfield6666
40Lucas Scott6666
40Mark Wade6666
40Wayne Moore6666
46Jared Beier6666
47Robbie Mills6666
47Ron Bose6666
49Charles Schafer6767
49Chris Kelly6767
49Jeff Blansfield6767
49Jonathan Schafer6767
49Matthew Culp6767
49Robert Varnon6767
55Tom Baker6868
56Matthew Jones6868
57Phil DiMarino6969
58Bruce Ploger6969
60Christian Handy7070
60Gilbert Lemon7070
60Shane Symonds7070
63Kenneth Pelletier7171
63Michael Graves7171
63Scott Wilkinson7171
63Shawn Heacock7171
63Trevor Tabah7171
68Gregory Howard7171
70Richard Parsons7373
71Justin Chaffin7474
72Matt Willey7474
73Deven Lawhorn7676
74Karl Bryfogle7777
75Justin McConnell8181
76Brad Mitchell8383
77David Short9090
78Keith D'Armi9191
79Sean Warner9393
80Dan Baumann-0
80Jack Pope-0
Round 1: Killens Pond State Park - Short tees, 18 holes, par 71
1Michelle Cote6060$35
2Christina McConnell6262$20
3Robin Grancos6868$10
4Jennifer Henderson7979
5Hannah Allen8181
6Alexis Childress9191
7Melinda Rife9292
1ACE Pool 1st - Matthew Culp11
2ACE Pool 2nd - Mike Magaha22
3CTP - Mike Magaha44
4CTP - Michelle Cote66
5CTP - Alex Bishop77
6CTP - Donnie Granger99
7CTP - Matthew Culp1111
8CTP - Josh Maxfield1313
9CTP - Christian Handy1414
10CTP - Marc Cote1515
11CTP - Leo Clancy1818
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