Mint Discs presents the 2nd Annual Bat City Open (A HOTT points event)

PDGA logoSat-Sun, July 9-10, 2022 at Live Oak Brewing Company in Del Valle, Texas
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Event Caddy Book: Coming Soon Welcome the 2 Annual Bat City Open @ Live Oak Brewing Co! Format: This i ... more
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Rich Harpel    2 days ago

Hey Zack, could you move me to MP40? Thanks

MINT Discs   2 days ago


Mykael Cooper    April 20 at 3:11pm

If I’m already registered, is it possible to change divisions. I’m registered for MA3 but wanna change to MA1. Also will points from previous HOTT events transfer to Advance or no

MINT Discs   April 21 at 8:55pm

Points stay with the division you earned them, they don't move. DGScene should allow you to update your registration if you want to move divisions.

Travis Enloe    March 21 at 3:23pm

Hey, I just got a refund, but I said I wanted to cancel that request


Trey Hubbard    February 5 at 3:52pm



Nayalie carrasco    February 5 at 3:15pm

So sad I withdrew because of travel issues, I would’ve kept it had I known it could be postponed. I’ll have to keep my eye out for the 3rd annual I guess.


Trey Hubbard    February 5 at 9:09am

Pretty insane that the two of us were driving down from FTW and got the news when we hit round rock.
Honestly, I think you called it too early. We played Mary Moore and zilker with minimal issue.
Just a bummer we gotta wait for the disc after driving so far for it

MINT Discs   February 5 at 3:11pm

Trey, a majority of the holes had lots of standing water and needed a day+ to drain. A couple baskets weren't playable(frozen stairs on hole 1). The grass parking lot was also under water and not going to drain in time. And after talking to the property owners, Live Oak Brewery, this was deemed ... more

Travis Enloe    February 5 at 2:44am

I submitted a withdrawal, but I’m in for new date


David Lashua    February 4 at 6:08pm

I’m gonna have to withdrawal due to travel issues, sorry for any inconvenience

David Lashua   February 4 at 6:28pm

If it’s changing dates then forget I sent this. I’m in

Jonathan Pacheco    February 2 at 6:01pm

Is there a waitlist for MA1 "advanced "?

MINT Discs   February 3 at 3:35pm

Closed at the moment. If we drop below 144 players, we'll open it back up.

Jamie Wells    February 2 at 4:43pm

Can you remove me from registration? I'm in FA3, I won't be in town this weekend anymore. Thanks

MINT Discs   February 3 at 3:34pm

Got you

Nayalie carrasco    February 2 at 11:17am

I’m having to withdraw because of travel issues, will I still receive a refund or is it too late?

MINT Discs   February 2 at 4:10pm

Got it

Dan Murphy    February 1 at 2:14pm

@MINT- I am unfortunately unable to make it this weekend. Please take me off list. Thanks

MINT Discs   February 2 at 4:10pm

Got it

Justin Hinojosa    January 31 at 6:56pm

Can we still sign up for this event?

MINT Discs   February 1 at 12:18pm

Closed until waitlist empties. Most likely won’t reopen

Travis Enloe    January 31 at 1:52pm

When will tee times be assigned?

MINT Discs   February 1 at 12:17pm


Travis Enloe   February 1 at 10:50pm

Thanks! Looking chilly!

Janek Lehr    January 31 at 1:41am


What does it mean that there are multiple #1 waitlisted people in the same division? I saw I was #1 earlier on but now there appear to be multiple.

MINT Discs   January 31 at 1:35pm

The waitlist got screwy honestly. It sorted everyone by division rather than pool and when we attempted to fix it it assigned everyone as #1. We're still filling by division when someone from that division drops. We're sorry for any confusion but we're doing our best to process the list.

Janek Lehr   January 31 at 3:14pm

Thank you!

Joe Torrence    January 29 at 6:34pm

So I see we are banned from going over the Cliff of Doom. How about the Stairway to the Edge of the Cliff of Doom? (behind basket 5) also banned?

MINT Discs   January 31 at 1:36pm

If your disc is over that cliff during Bat City, you may not retrieve it. With how much rain we are getting it won't be safe at all.

Joe Torrence   February 1 at 6:55pm

Okay thanks. Speaking of the weather, if my balls freeze off during round one can I get a partial refund? you know, to help cover re-attachment costs...

David Moody   February 1 at 11:21pm

JT, you a funny m’fer:). Extra sock for your giblets

victor ramon martinez    January 25 at 3:33am

hello,we are two discgolf player from Monterrey,Mexico, how can we be on the waiting list for the recreacional category

MINT Discs   January 25 at 9:32pm

Waitlist is full at the moment.

alex bachicha    January 24 at 4:51pm

Any camping or RV areas available close by the park?

Don "Fish" Vansandt   January 24 at 6:51pm

Alex, this will be your closest good camping if ther ae any spots available.

Mykael Cooper    January 22 at 11:59pm

Going to assume all high grass is ob?

MINT Discs   January 24 at 2:00pm

Map is posted as a picture

Cade Woolley    January 21 at 1:11pm

Can I be removed from the waitlist please? Something at work came up.