2024 St. Patrick's Classic - California St. Am. Championships - Presented by Final 9 Sports - Sponsored by DGA

PDGA logoFri-Sun, March 8-10, 2024 at Shady Oaks Park in Sacramento (Orangevale), California
Amateur A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

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Caddy Book link here: https://final9sports.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/2024-stpat-am-caddybook-v6.pdf Tee ... more
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Riley McFarland    March 11 at 2:40am

Thanks to all who helped put this event together this weekend! Just wanted to confirm payouts went to top 40% in each division - is that correct?

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Tim Bedford   March 13 at 10:00pm

I finished 16th of 32 was there a payout? If so how can I get that?

Tim Bedford   March 20 at 12:03am


Riley McFarland   March 20 at 4:14pm

Tim, I was told scrip was being held at Final 9 and will expire after a year - I also placed dead middle so I am assuming the same is true for you.

Dane DeMattei    March 9 at 5:01pm

Anyone find a black earth Vader buzz hole 15? Please put in shop if so


Brett Jennings    March 7 at 11:10pm

Bruce, concerning the waitlist, should I assume if I dont hear by tonight if I'm not in is there any reason to show tomorrow to possibly get in last minute?


Ron Cheshier    March 7 at 7:48pm

What about the 6 available spots ? Any more waitlist getting in ?

Bruce Knisley   March 7 at 8:33pm

All available spots are in the women's divsions.

Joji John   March 7 at 11:16pm

Ronita has a nice ring to it????????????

Ron Cheshier   March 7 at 11:33pm

I have been growing my hair out too .

Todd Williams    March 7 at 5:11am

Are temporary baskets set up for practice

Sean Storey   March 7 at 5:18pm

They were not this morning but there are indicator where the tee box is and a flag where the basket would be.

Wade Wolff    March 7 at 12:02am

Hello St. Pats team. Thanks for all the work you’re doing. Do you have any idea when the MA50’s will T-Off on Saturday?

Ron(Bonehead) Jones   March 7 at 12:05am

It's in the caddy book.

Wade Wolff   March 7 at 5:57am

Thank you!

Salla Vaerma-Jadlos    March 6 at 10:23pm

I don't see any tee time for FA60 division. It is lumped to FA50 - FA2 at 9:06AM?

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Bruce Knisley   March 7 at 4:07am

version 7 caddybook coming soon...throw away the old link....hahahah. ugh

Birk Ellis   March 7 at 4:07am


Chris Illes   March 8 at 4:49am

No v7 coming?

Todd Williams    March 6 at 7:03pm

Can’t find caddie book anymore

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Chris Illes   March 7 at 3:29am

This link works for me John

Bruce Knisley   March 7 at 4:07am

version 7 caddybook coming soon...throw away the old link....hahahah. ugh

Austin Hoffman    March 6 at 2:52pm

Are raffle tickets allowed to be bought in person on Friday?

Bruce Knisley   March 6 at 5:39pm

yes you can

Mark Reynolds-Delaney    March 6 at 4:17am

Hole 14 has position A listed with the course rules but on the hole image it has position B listed in the caddy book

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Riley McFarland   March 6 at 9:11pm

Hi Bruce - I am still seeing both pins listed in the caddy book. Are we playing to Pin B? Thanks

John Kimball   March 6 at 10:29pm

Caddy book now shows A position.

Bruce Knisley   March 7 at 4:09am

we are playing to the new short position

Todd Williams    March 6 at 3:26am

Hello Bruce IF a spot opens in AM 60 I would like to move to it please but only if it opens not on waitlist please, I will play AM 50 other wise , Thanks


Todd Williams    March 6 at 1:53am

Any body going up to practice tomorrow?


Michael Lindsay    March 5 at 6:54pm

The Caddy Book is now posted in the Comments section.


Robert R. Bainbridge    March 5 at 3:52am

Hi Bruce. I heard that the am weekend will be the same set up as the pro weekend… a chance to get a gander at what is in store for us. Is that correct


John Ryan    March 4 at 8:14pm

First time to this event, my son who's 13 is playing MA1. We will not have an opportunity to practice the course ahead of time since we live 6 hours away. We have a few questions :

1. Will there be a caddy book?
2.Is there a designated practice area?
3.When will tee times be posted? (trying to figure out our 6 hour drive)
4. Is there traffic in the area normally on Fridays?
5. Is there any Handicap Parking available in the main parking lot?
6.Lastly, can anyone make recommendations ... more

Bruce Knisley   March 4 at 10:07pm

Finishing up caddybook today, there are practice putting area here, and we will have a net for drives. Teetimes posted Wednesday evening.

Andrei Anderson   March 5 at 12:59pm

I would plan for traffic no matter what, it's Sacramento. Handicap parking is limited in the main parking lot unless they are going to designate more spots. I'd plan to show up early and hang out honestly. Otherwise the surrounding parking has a little bit of a walk. Downtown grid (search on Google) will have lots of events posted going on that weekend.

Riley McFarland   March 6 at 6:27pm

Should def check out the American River Canyon/Fish Hatchery and Jack's Urban Eats is great post-round grub

Tony Crabb    March 4 at 2:54pm

I am waitlisted number 2 in the Ma50 division. When will we find out if we are going to play? I am trying to figure out my work schedule. Thank you very much.

Bruce Knisley   March 4 at 10:10pm

When someone drops from your divisision we then add one from your division.

Alexander Taylor    March 4 at 12:53am

Hello, I understand the tournament is right around the corner. I am not sure if I sent my hole sponsorship in or not. Or would I still be able to submit it? Thank you so much for hosting this amazing event.

Bruce Knisley   March 4 at 3:39am

You have a teesign, it will have your name and pdga number on it.

Robert Bare    March 3 at 6:27am

Hello Jennifer and Bruce
I have a question. I know you have a waiting list. but if you have a 3 out of 4 slot on juniors 15 and under, if I sign up my grandson will he be automatically in the tournament or will he still be on wait list.?
Sorry for my ignorance.

Bruce Knisley   March 4 at 3:38am

he will go straight in

Reese Densmore    March 2 at 11:47pm

Do I pay to be on the wait list