2023 Gulf Coast Tour Challenge Presented by Dynamic Discs - Stop 3 (Taylor Park)

PDGA logoSaturday, April 22, 2023 at Taylor Park in Largo, Florida
C-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

2023 Gulf Coast Tour Challenge Presented by Dynamic Discs - Stop 3 (Taylor Park) graphic

About this tournament

Pad assignments, layouts and rules are located in the pictures section of this registration page.

This event is stop 3 of 5 for the 2023 Gulf Coast Tour Challenge Presented by Dynamic Discs and is a True Amateur Event. Trophies will be awarded at the end of the series for the champion in each division. All entry fees include a $3 donation to the Gulf Coast Events & Promotions Course Improvement Fund.

Flex Start C Tier Event. Tee off at the time selected during registration with the group indicated. THERE WILL BE NO DAY OF REGISTRATION.

- Qualifying events for the 2024 Gulf Coast Charity Open.
- Players who play all 5 events will have first dibs at pre - registration,
followed by players who play 4 events and so on.
- Earn points for the Tour Championship
- Points will be awarded based on finishing position at each flex start by
division. Points will not transfer between divisions (i.e. Points earned in
MA40 only count for that division.
- Division Champions will be awarded a customized trophy at the 2024
- $8 Entry Fee / Flex Start C - Tier
- $2 to the PDGA
- $3 to cover park/PDGA fees
- $3 to the Course Improvement Fund managed by Gulf Coast Events & Promotions
- Note there is no player package or payout for the individual events.

Refund policy

Gulf Coast Events & Promotions is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/65995
1Matt Henderson4343
2Benjamin Stemen4444
3Steven Andrews4646
4Clay Harvey4848
5Colby Daniel4949
5Daniel Pastore4949
7Josh McKisic5252
7Richard Callahan5252
9Dave Slocum5353
10Derek Goetz5757
11Michael DeLeon5959
1Andy Parkison4646
2Jeffrey Davies4848
3Arthur Moody4949
4Mick Barber Sr.5050
5CR Willey5151
6Brian Parsons5353
6Kevin Huxhold5353
8Jay Simpson5454
1Mike Cain5252
2Damon Clark5757
3Roy Henriquez5959
4Ken Grady6060
1Nid Ovathanasin5454
1Joshua Sanchez4545
2Seth Moon4848
3Andrew Cook4949
3Brent Arsenault4949
3Christopher Mercer4949
3Nick May4949
3Sean McGowan4949
8Connor Strickland5050
8David Henriott5050
10Jack Wilbur5151
10Josh Steadman5151
10Nicholas Ribera5151
13Bryan Sanetti5252
13Charlie Tilford5252
13Christian Wilborn5252
13Dylan Ford5252
13Justin Mortenson5252
13Matthew McGregor5252
13Stephen Ierardi5252
13Zachary Moses5252
21Weston Howell5353
21ZACHARIAH Stone5353
23Christian Senger5454
23Dan Hanson5454
23Jordan Roppolo5454
26Aaron Henry5555
26Brett Colonna5555
26Gabriel Midence5555
29Billy Jennings5656
29Brad Lulas5656
29Isaac Cullum5656
29Stathis Linardos5656
33Elijah Mcglade5757
33Joshua Joy5757
35David Dowden5858
35Eric Olsen5858
35Ethan Sak5858
35Isaiah Mcglade5858
35Levi Ellis5858
35Scott Bishop5858
41Gabriel McCann6060
42Derek Perkins6161
1Jay Dugmore4646
2Benjamin Hedstrom5050
3Logan Curtis5151
4Quinn Cayce5252
5David Fugit5353
5Sam Withrow5353
7Kevin Shermer5454
8Aaron Oliveira5656
9Christopher May5757
9James Daly5757
11Kenneth Dalton5858
12Andrew M Gardner5959
12DJ Edwards5959
1Chuck Brunke5151
1Doren Kempher5151
3Bobby Stanley5252
4Ed Dentzel5454
5Christopher Gardner5555
6DONO Simpson5656
6Shawn Baker5656
8Clay Byrd5757
9Don Johnson5858
10Doug Chase888888
1Chuck Lee5252
2Danny McDonnell5353
2Steve Belliveau5353
2Wes Barber5353
5Mitch Rosenburg5454
6Rick Bose5858
1Buz Ryalls-Clephane5353
2Seely Law6161
3Bob Rowley6464
3Michael Robinson6464
5Jim Saracino6565
1Anthony Wiegand5050
1Kameron Wolf5050
1Will Palm5050
4Khiem Le5151
4Matt Adragna5151
6Bryce Poindexter5252
6Ellis Mckiernan5252
8Nicholas Lyngholm5353
8Samuel Ross5353
8Tony Luu5353
8Tyler Labonte5353
12Keidan Nagle5454
12Robert Przybylowski5454
12Ryan Vaughn5454
12Tom Walters5454
12Yezin Sharkas5454
17Eric Gustitus5555
17Jacob Pillsbury5555
17Linh Nguyen5555
17Lukas Miranda5555
21Corey Jansen5656
21Omar Molina5656
21Ryan Marshall5656
21Travis J Alessi5656
25Chris Cielo5757
25Felix Cordova5757
25Matt Welborn5757
28Cody Hooper5858
28James Culhane5858
28Jorge Padilla5858
31Steve Mersinger5959
31Taylor Derrickson5959
33Brandon Barbre6060
33Mike Kerr6060
33Parker Melech6060
36Matthew Skaggs6161
36Modesto Fernandez6161
36Zachary Jones6161
39Devin L Monroe6262
40Patrick Sweet6363
41Corey Hyers6565
41Tyler Parker6565
1Greyson Schneider4848
2Jake Abell4949
3Allen Mccahan5050
4Michael Garcia5151
4Sean Pagenkopf5151
6Brendan Baker5353
6Tommy Kilgore5353
8Brian Scott5454
8Carl Spray5454
8Kristopher Bland5454
8Kyle Eckhoff5454
8Seth Francis5454
13Nehemiah Plummer5555
13Robert W Eleyet5555
15Jason Bergold5656
15Joshua Oclair5656
15Samuel Molina5656
15Travis Dinan5656
19Brian James5757
19Christopher Holler5757
19Douglas Collins Jr5757
19John Paul Letendre5757
23Brian Bickner5858
23Bruce Conway5858
23Dustin Pope5858
23Ken Marion5858
28Brian Baker5959
29Mason Strickland6060
29Stu Crisco6060
31Scott Blair6161
32Eli Cullum6262
32Thomas Sig Batten6262
34John Koda6363
34Matthew Kenna6363
1Kenneth Peacoe5050
2Brandon Cerge5353
3Timothy Marks5454
4Caden Hjelseth5656
4David Day Jr.5656
6Jesus Delacruz5757
7Jonathan Ashley5858
7Kyle Peacoe5858
7Michael Smith5858
7Ryan Gilchrist5858
11Brandon Lancaster5959
11Madalynn MadZoo Shepley5959
13James Alan Bass6060
13Ryan Scharf6060
15Christian Ricca6262
16Jose Silva6464
17Jose Vega6666
18Matthew Markowski6767
18Michael McClary6767
20Julian Velez7070
1Andrea Parsons5252
2Hilary Petonke5757
3Kemari Gallimore (Ihlenfeldt)5858
4Jacalyn Barbre5959
4Priscilla Anzualda5959
6Karlee Perkins6161
7Michaela Goldstein6565
1Kristiana Shultis6666
1Angie Conway6565
1Lynda L Stevens6161
1April Kelleher6161
2Miriam McKisic6262
3Shannon Chappell6363
1Lola Marion6868
2LeighAnne Brunke7171
3Kristen Rodriguez7373
1Jacek Vega6666
1Ellis Huxhold5454
2Angel Silva5959
1Callum Walters8787
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