2019 Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club Gold Rush

Saturday, January 19, 2019 at Gator Links at NLA in Milton, Florida
Disc golf singles tournament

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About this tournament

2019 Emerald Coast Gold Rush Presented by Emerald Coast Disc Golf Club. Special thanks to Prodigy Disc and Dyn ... more
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Josh Holder    January 18 at 9:58pm

What time is check in and start time?

Ryan Vann   January 18 at 10:17pm

We hope to be set up for check in at 8am. Tee Off will be at 10am assuming we are not experiencing severe weather

Joe Johnson    January 16 at 5:03pm

I will be unable to make this tournament. Is it possible to be refunded the registration cost?

Ryan Vann   January 16 at 5:12pm

Hi Joe, yes we can refund you. You don't still want your membership pack including 2 discs, bag tag, towel, and raffle ticket? Great value for only $30 and you don't have to attend to get it.

Joe Johnson   January 16 at 8:23pm

Ryan, I did not know if there were limited membership packs available. I’d still like to support the club, especially since all the courses in my area were affected by Hurricane Michael. Keep my entry fee, and I’ll try to work out a way to get the membership pack from you. I just didn’t want to inadvertently take a bag tag if they’re limited. Thanks!

Ryan Vann   January 18 at 10:18pm

I think we will be fine Joe! We will make sure to find a way to get your pack to you. Thanks for all your support.

Gary McFadden    January 15 at 12:13am

Forecast calls for rain. What then?

Ryan Vann   January 15 at 12:41am

Hey gary, we are looking into available options right now.

Ryan Vann   January 15 at 1:36pm

Keep those sign ups coming in! Hoping for clear skies Saturday morning. The event will go on rain or shine. In event of lightning or severe weather, we may have to stop play day of. If the event is impacted by weather, the raffle will be postponed to a live stream to allow everyone an opportunity ... more

Gary McFadden   January 16 at 12:26am


Ramon Espique    January 13 at 1:35am

What are the options for DD discs?

Ryan Vann   January 13 at 2:11am

Warden, Harp, Deputy, Criminal, Freedom, Witness

Ramon Espique   January 14 at 8:23pm

If unable to play, can I still get a tag?

Ryan Vann   January 16 at 2:00am

Sure thing!

Jim Rhodes    January 11, 2019 at 9:53pm

Can we request to be paired up with a friend that has registered?

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Jim Rhodes   January 13 at 2:40pm

Great. Thank you.

Jim Rhodes   January 13 at 2:44pm

I must be overlooking where to go to do this. Can you give me directions on how to edit my registration?

Jim Rhodes   January 13 at 3:18pm

Never mind. Found it. For those that are wanting to edit their registration, there is a link for it in your tournament registration confirmation email.

Dennis Tipton    January 8, 2019 at 3:08am

Is this tournament for members only or can anyone register?

Ryan Vann   January 8, 2019 at 3:27am

Hey Dennis. Anyone can register. The registration earns you a 2019 Membership and Member Pack

Dennis Tipton   January 8, 2019 at 3:41am

Awesome thank you for your quick response.